7 tips for Writers Block

Okay, I have to be honest. Sometimes writing the blog is a really difficult thing for me. I can make wallpapers all day long, the design comes easy to me. It’s the writing that doesn’t. I get writer’s block allll the time. I get these ideas for posts I want to make and then think “but I don’t know what to say”. Then I do one of these things and BOOM I write a post in 20 minutes. So I’m sharing if you have writers block on anything, these are some helpful types I’ve learned along the way just to get stuff done!

  1. Get out in nature - This is my go to. Usually I just need to get off technology, and get outside. This helps me to really think about what I want to write without all the distractions!

  2. Try something new - This always gets me out of a rut and gets me thinking in a different way. I love a new perspective because sometimes that’s all you need to get you going.

  3. Go about life - Don’t get hung up on not being able to write. Sometimes if I just sit and stew I never get it done. But if I continue life like normal all the sudden this urge hits and I can’t be stopped.

  4. Scope out the competition - I like to look at other bloggers, see what they are writing about and what the audience likes reading! Sometimes I see a blog about gift guides, or tips and tricks and I think I could totally write about that. Don’t worry if you feel like you are copying someone. Because unless you literally are copying everyone has a different outlook and point of view!

  5. Do a writing prompt - This is my favorite, I love just googling writing prompts. I do a random one or sometimes I pick a topic and just write totally out of my element. All I need is a few sentences and then I’m confident enough to write my blog post!

  6. Set up your space - Nothing gets me in the writing zone like a nice cup of tea, some lemon water and a candle burning. I use my noise cancelling headphones and I get to work. Taking out the distractions and setting up a place that I feel comfortable really helps me

  7. Tackle small items at a time - Sometimes I put ridiculous expectations on myself and think I want to write all the blog posts for the rest of the month. That usaully just isn’t going to happen. But when I think of writing just one, everything seems much more manageable and easier to accomplish.

If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them!

Boss Body: Update

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a good week! I wrote a post a while go about body boss and my first month with it. You can find that post here! But I was getting a lot of questions about whether after all this time I would recommend it or not!

Here’s the verdict, I love the exercises and the program but I just could not commit to it. It was such a regimented routine that I felt like if I took any days off, which lets be real I did because life, I had to go back. Also, it advertises its 24 minutes 3 times a week. Thats a bunch of bull. Its 24 active minutes, but there are rests and a warm up and cool down which is super important to complete. The exercise commitment towards the end is like a hour 5 days a week.

I found myself starting over and over again and then I got bored. I loved the idea of it the time intervals but every 4 weeks the time commitment grew and I just didn’t have an hour to give 5 days a week.

I think I may try this routine again though with a fresh start this winter when I have more time and will be indoors more. I found myself in the summer wanting to get out and now be stuck in the gym the whole time I did my exercises.

I also found I was weak in a lot of areas and could never tell if I was doing something quite right. So for the time being I hired a personal trainer just to really customize something for me and help me to learn form and things like that so the next time I tackle Body Boss I can really get after it.

I do like the program though and really think it will give you results if you are dedicated, like anything though.

I would also recommend buying the physical book if you do get it! I hope this was helpful!