Lessons from 2018 so far

I meant to write this post a long time ago but like most of this year it has just gotten away from me. Last year I feel like I worked a lot on myself and my anxiety. This year I focused a lot of attention outward and what I was putting out into the world. I could tell that my anxious and fearful self didn’t help me to get where I wanted to go especially with friendships. And this year with wedding planning it shows you a lot. I had a ton of friends I never expected step up to the plate, I learned that my friends show that they care in different ways than I do and really learned the tough lesson that I wasn’t a priority for some people. I am empathetic to a fault and I really try to communicate with friends, and when you don’t receive that back it can be hurtful.

So I stopped putting effort into relationships that no longer served me.

Now, I feel like when people say that it makes it seem like this incredible shift happens immediately and life is unicorns and rainbows. And friends Im here to tell you the truth. At first, its quiet. Like eerily quiet. When you remove all the noise and commotion of people in your life that have a negative affect, it leaves a really empty space.

And I have to be honest, it freaked me out at first. I wasn’t sure what to do I felt like I had all this time on my hands, less people were talking to me and I felt sad. I was morning the lost of friends and had nothing to immediately replace it with. So I took a step back and thought about what I would like to fill my new found free time with. I spent it doing things I enjoyed and thats when everything really started to turn around. I fostered and help grew things in my life that brought me happiness. Sometimes I would just read a book and when it was over I’d be sad because no one texted me. But I realized that few hours of reading the book brought me more happiness, and less frustration than those friends did.

So yes this shift brought good change but it took time and a little more work on my side. But I find now that when toxic friends do dumb things it doesn’t bother me or get me worked but because I don’t care, and two I have better friends now that I don’t need them. I put more time and energy into things and people that made me happy and of course Im overall much happier.

So If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Don’t waste your precious time and energy on things and people that don’t make you feel good. Do things that are good for you and make you feel good about yourself. I spent so much time trying to get mean people to like me and it was like for what? Why not spend more time with someone you just met and it was easy.

I hope this encourages you too that if you want a change, it my be hard at first, and even weird but it will pay dividend. Just know you’re doing what is best for you and thats what matters! The happier the more you will attract your tribe!

“Your vibe attracts your tribe”

Should I DIY for my Wedding?

I am in the THICK of wedding planning. Holy cow, I knew it would be work but these last 2 months have been crazy. If you’re every attending a wedding for the love, please send it in on time and correctly mark food choices if needed! Thats my advice!

So I have been trying to DIY some wedding items just because Im a perfectionist sometimes, I want to save money, and I like creating, of course. So I’d thought I’d share with you my check list of whether or not I should create something:

  1. First and most important question: Do I have time?? My advice would be for DIYing is creating things that you can make months out that won’t needed to be changed last minute. For example signs, props, card boxes. Things along those lines. I would advise against seating charts or escort cards because those are subject to change a lot last minute. If one person cancels last minute it could change your whole seating chart.

  2. Can a lot go wrong?? Some of the items we wanted to make or course there were hiccups. Things weren’t the size we expected or we needed more paint. Lots of trips to Michaels. If this project can go from 0 to 100 real quick on problems, either plan very in-depth or scrap it all together. There will be other things that are more pressing and have problems that you will have to tend to.

  3. Will this look nice enough?? Sometimes I start a project and then I finish and Im like hmm that didn’t turn out quite as nice as I expected. If this is a main focal point, do you trust yourself enough to do an amazing job? Harsh but you’d rather know the answer before you start rather than after.

  4. Would it be cheaper to pay someone to do this?? Sometimes I see a project and Im like Oh easy! But then I realize all the supplies I had to buy and time it will take and I realize it’s just not worth it. Paying someone else or buying off etsy would be way easier.

  5. Is it worth it?? Is this something you really want to create and on your wedding day say thank you I made that! Or is it something people may not even notice? Sometimes I feel like we take on so much DIYing where it would be less time and energy to just purchase it. Trust me you’re going to be pulled in a lot of directions, don’t add more onto your plate if you’re not really excited about it.

When I started wedding planning I was going to DIY all this stuff. And my mom thought I was crazy. One thing I for sure took off my list was escort cards because it’s last minute and will reflect food choices as well. But I have created some really cool stuff! I’d be happy to make a post on how I did it all after the wedding and I have proper photos! Let me know if you’d like that!

I hope this helps with your decision on should I DIY or not for your wedding! If you’ve already had your wedding I’d love to see what you DIYed!

Instagram Giveaway! + Announcement

Hi Friends, I hope this week is treating you well. If you didn’t see my Instagram stories this past week then let me fill you in. I have been receiving an increasing amount of people reaching out “wishing” I made wallpapers a certain way. Or changes that they want to free wallpapers. I just want to kindly remind everyone, that I make FREE wallpapers in my precious SPARE TIME. This is not my full time job, I make no money off free wallpapers. I spend time making these when I could be enjoying time with my fiance, playing with my dog or just relaxing after a stressful day. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE making wallpapers for people who enjoy them. I just want to remind you that you’re 1 getting something free from the internet and 2 theres a person on the other side of the computer thats working very hard.

I get a lot of request and it wouldn’t be far if I’d pick and choose. So if you’d like some custom wallpaper I’d be happy to make it! Just select one of these items from the store! I’d recommend this over email or request because my email gets filled with lots of spam sadly.

Sometimes I just feel like I need to put the reminder out there that this isn’t my full time job and I can’t make things drop of the hat.

But I would like to say, a huge thank you to the people that have continually supported Candidly Keri with your likes and follows, especially if you have purchased something from the store! I finally hit 5,000 followers on Instagram! My hope is one day I can have 10,000 followers, not for the number per say but so you can swipe up on items I’m talking about! Ugh its a creators dream.

Anyways, here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow me on Instagram

  2. Tag a friend on my giveaway image

  3. You may enter as many times as you’d like, just don’t repeat entries please :)

  4. Bonus entry if you share a Candidly Keri wallpaper in your story! Just make sure you tag me so I can see it @candidlykeri

Winner will get …. DRUM ROLL! A $20 off coupon to any store items!

Pretty simple, I just want to say thank you for supporting me and my little blogging dream!

Trying a New Fitness Class

Trying a new fitness class soon? I’ve tried a lot of new ones lately to just switch up my routine. And sometimes a new class can be scary. I totally get it, it’s intimidating but you’ve got this! And Here are some of my easy tips that will help you feel more confident!

  1. Don’t be afraid to call the studio! Ask what to expect, what to wear, if you need to bring anything and feel free to tell them this is your first class. They will tell you if its good for a beginner. Its their job to help you out!

  2. Get there early. Don’t be the first, because how else will you stalk what you need for the class like weights and where things are? But this helps you get positioned in the class to where you feel comfortable. Whether it’s the front of the room or far back!

  3. Since you got there early this is the perfect time to stretch it out. They will help you warm up in class but this never hurts to do and its better than just sitting on your mat getting nervous.

  4. Follow someone else’s lead. Watch someone else, you can see where and if they get towels. Or if they got weights and where.

  5. Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask the front desk where things are and what you need. Thats what they are for!

  6. Bring a friend. If that helps you to know you aren’t alone and someone to make eye contact with it really helps! It won’t be so scary if you aren’t alone.

  7. Bring water. Always a good idea you may not need during the class but it’s important to stay hydrated.

  8. In this same note, make sure you ate and aren’t dehydrated for class. I went to a heat class at 6 am when I woke up at 530. I hadn’t have enough water or anything to eat and I had to leave the class early. It wasn’t fun but I didn’t properly prepare my body for the class and now I know!

  9. Wear a cute outfit and buy a cute mat. Not sure if it’s just me but if I love my workout outfit then I feel a lot more confident. I’ve added some of my favorite items at the bottom of this post!

  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY .. BE CONFIDENT! You are taking time out of you busy schedule to do something good for you body. Don’t be harsh on yourself it’s going to be you first class and you’ll improve so much. So don’t compare yourself to other people in the class thats not who you are competing with. Pat yourself on the back, seriously its a big deal!

I hope these help and if you aren trying a new class soon tell me in the comments below! I will be thinking of you and with you in spirit. You got this!

Practical Self Care

Hi Friends, I hope that you’re having a great week! Henry and I have been consistently busy since about May I’d say and its been so draining. Don’t get me wrong its a lot of good stuff! But doesn’t mean it doesn’t wear you down. I am finding that self care, practical self care when you’re short on time is super important. So here’s a list of something I’ve been doing recently! I will be sure to link all my favorite products!

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for cash back and coupons! Honey is a great back up when Ebates doesn't work on the site.

Self Care 101:

Pick up - Picking up my apartment always helps to destress me! It helps to clear my mind and I instantly feel better. It’s also something I have control over and can see results right away.

Write down a list - Whether its what you grateful for, to do list, or things bothering you. Getting it down on paper helps. I feel like it makes the things swirling in my head a lot less scary. I like this journal a lot too since it has quotes but a lot of empty space for me to write whatever.

Meditation - I use to think meditation sounded stupid but even if you can’t do it “well” it forces you to sit down and take a few minutes to yourself. I like the app Simple Habit its mostly free!

Basic Pampering:

DIY Face mask: I tried some of these from Buzzfeed, and I really liked them because they were items I had around the house! Here is something for every skin type:

  1. Hydrating - Ground oats, coconut oil, honey

  2. Exfoliating - Coffee grounds, cocoa powder, coconut oil

  3. Soothing - Pumpkin, brown sugar, water, vitamin e oil

  4. Rejuvenating - Greek yogurt, honey, matcha powder

  5. Acne - Turmeric, honey, coconut oil

You can find the recipes here. The acne one is here. And if you don’t have time to make these here are some of my favorite sheet masks for acne, brightening, and soothing.

Dry Brushing - This is where you take a body brush and literally brush you skin, I love it because I feel like all the dead skin is getting off and it helps circulation. Story is it helps with cellulite but I won’t speak to that because I have no idea. I love doing this because its pretty gentle then I take a bath and slather lotion on I feel like my skin soaks it up even better! Here is my dry brush!

Bubble Bath & a glass of wine - Because duh, I can’t wait to get this bath caddy off our registry to.

It’s the little things:

Take a hike - I think that walks and getting outside help, but I find hikes are even better. I can’t check my phone when Im hiking because I need to pay attention to where Im going and can really soak in nature. Connecting with the outside and fresh air I think always does the body good!

Call a friend - When we get busy it’s hard to nurture those relationships and friends are the best for venting or just making us laugh. So while your running errands give you friend a call on your next drive!

Read a book or magazine - You don’t need to delve into a huge book even a magazine will do something to take your mind elsewhere and not worry about all your to-do’s.

Take a nap - There’s no shame in that game. Sometimes you just need to let your body recharge, and you’ll wake up feeling so much better.

Treat yourself to something small - I’d say under $20. I find sometimes when Im stress I think I deserve all these things and it adds up. Or I drink every latte I can! It will be more of a treat if it’s a one time thing not a crutch.

Try something new - It doesn’t have to be something life altering but changing up your routine helps to feel like you aren’t constantly working.

Essential Oils or Candle - Lighting your favorite candle helps me to relax but essential oils really help especially rollers like this one.

Bake - I never bake, Im always cooking. So when I bake something, it feels like a real treat to me. Now I try not to eat everything and give some away but I do love some good chocolate chips and Joanna’s recipe is pretty good!

You do what you need to to feel better! Pushing yourself helps no one in the long run. Thats what I been learning, so slow down and take some things off your plate!

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored. The links may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows us to continue to make post like this. Thank you for the support!