Colourpop Haul

Sooo, I went a little crazy on Colourpop's website the other day and I wanted to share with you some of my picks and reviews! I have a $5 coupon for you to use here if you're interested in shopping! 

Here's what I got:

Blush, Highlighter, 1 new Lipstick, Concealer, 2 Eyeshadow platettes

Lip Products:

I really like colourpop for their awesome affordable products.  They have such a range and keep growing it's awesome.  The only thing is since it is so expensive if you don't like something you can't return it. 

I also got this lippe stick, and I'm not really going to review it because I'm an idiot and buy all lippie sticks that are about the same color *insert facepalm emoji* So I'm disappointed in myself but still love the creamy formula! 

Next up is the lipstick! And I can't really give a review on this because it swatches so orange and looks pretty bad in my opinion on my fair skin. So I haven't really worn it out for a wear test.  I do have to say though I think it will be much prettier when I am more tan.  So fingers crossed for a pretty summer color! 


First up is the lippe stick and then the lipstick. Colors are: 

Mini Palette:

This is the colors for the small palette called: And I love it for a summer look.  Its warmer toned than I was expecting.  I will say that as much as I like it I feel like I can only make about 2 looks.  But its perfect for my summer look at the office and for that I really like it! Shimmers are pretty subtle though.

Concealer Review:

I also messed up on the concealer ... I was looking for more of a highlighter over my foundation and I did not get a light enough shade.  You win some you lose some.  But I will say that this concealer is thick and full coverage.  I really like that aspect.  It doesn't seem to blend wonderfully with my foundation but I wonder if that has to do more of the coverage.  So I can't really give a full review because I feel I need this right color.  Sorry guys, this is what comes with online shopping! 



Blush & Highlighter Review:

I LOVE my blush and highlight shades! One thing that colourpop does really well is showcase items on different skin tones so I feel like I can feel get a feel for the color of the products.  The highlighter gives me shine without being too much.  Its such a pretty champagne on my fair skin and I feel like I can build it up to whatever brightness I want.  

The blush is just the perfect pretty pink and I also feel like it is buildable.  And I never feel like I have clown cheeks so that a major bonus! 

The only downside is though that you get the pan and pop it into the packaging.  So all packaging is the same.  I never know when I got in my make up drawer if I'm getting the blush or the highlighter since there aren't names on the bottom.  But other than that I like how thin it is and how its magnetic and still gives you a mirror! 

Colors I got are:

Big Palette Review:

This palette is called the "Give It To Me Straight" and it's $16.  It's much smaller than I was expecting.  I find I have some trouble making looks with this palette because it doesn't feel really cohesive.  I like it for simpler looks that have just a few colors.  And there isn't really a transition shade.  The skimmer/glitter shades as not as pigmented as other palettes I'm used to, or even NYX.  But I still really enjoy this palette, I think it will be perfect for summer and bronzed looks.  Also great for on the go with its small size! 

I hope you found this review helpful! And liked all the photos included! Let me know if you wnat more reviews like this! 

Current Favorites

Hey guys, its been a while since I have done a favorites list so I thought it was time! There has been a lot of new stuff I've tried of recently so I'm excited to share, but I'd love to know if there's anything you've been loving lately?! 

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My New Fitbit - Even though Fitbits can be expensive I have updated mine a few times.  I think it's important to update your work out gear to keep you motivated and change up your fitness game.  I am really liking the Versa, I still haven't nailed down all the things it can do but I like that it looks like a watch.  I was sick of having one that sorta looked like a bracelet. It's nice to see all my stats and I love the interface.  I bought myself some bands because Henry got me the rose gold but I wanted a black band so I just got a cheap one off of Amazon that works! Some downsides are I have trouble overall with tracking workouts on Fitbit sometimes I have to add them, delete then add again.  Also fitbit needs to get spotfiy to sync ASAP.  (You can check out my workout playlist here

Felix Grays - Originally Henry got Felix Gray's for his birthday and since borrowing his a lot I decided to et my own.  I really like it for working long hours I can tell a difference that I have more energy.  And when I tired at night watching tv or working it really helps my eyes.  Highly recommend. I got the Roebling design

Dry Bar Prep Rally - I dont know what it is about this stuff but I really like it.  I feel like my hair does too.  And although it doesn't say it helps with dry time I feel like it does.  My hair feels healthy and shiny with this stuff! 

Witch Hazel - I know that this has circulated a lot on the Amazon cult world with the Rose scent and I feel like there's a reason.  I personally like lavender better. I feel like it helps me to get any leftover makeup and is still a gentle toner. 

Quay Glasses - When Desi Perkins came out with sunglasses I wanted to have some.  She is major goals.  I wanted the high-key's really bad but when I ordered them they were just too large for my face.  Then she came out with the mini's and I tried again.  I feel in love the black is so bad-ass and I have the pink too! 

Journal - I shared in my Bullet Journal post about a dot journal I love and since then I have found more on Etsy. This one you can personalize a little bit more and I love that.

Facial Pads - I use to use the Peter Thomas Roth pads, and although effective they can be pretty harsh.  Im trying out a new skin care routine and I thought something gentler would be better. So far so good. Im really loving this product.  Im not sure how much of a differance its making but I can tell its gentler.  I will keep you updated

Oui Lip Gloss - Oui has clean lip glosses and that is becoming something I am looking for since we ingest a lot of our lip products.  I sent it to Henry, asking him to get me one and he surprised me with Cosmic Brownie.  I thought I wouldn't like the brown of it but I do! Its different for me, subtle and really moisturizing. 

Sunday Riley - I am trying ti help declog my skin and get it clear for the wedding.  I like this oil and need to stick with it a little longer.  But its not breaking me out and I think helping to clear up my active acne faster. Pricey but I got the smaller size in a kit and that saved me a lot! 

Tell me! What have you been loving recently?!

Products Mentioned:

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New Hair Products Review

Hi Guys! So coming out of winter that feels like it has never been ending I have been very focused on my skin care and keeping it hydrated but I forgot about my hair and it needs some serious TLC.  So I recently purchased some new products and I wanted to tell you what I loved and what I didn't! 

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Recent Haul: 

I have really been liking the DryBar Brand recently, I know that they are a little pricey but I think they are worth it and better than Living Proof I think. 

This mask was just what my hair needed, I loved that I could just do it in the shower.  No mess and fuzz and it really helped to replenish my hair! 

Okay, so this hair towel.  A hair towel like this is supposed to help your hair to not only dry but also cause a lot less breakage.  When you put your hair up in a towel its rough on your hair and can damage it.  I have heard using an old t-shirt is softer.  But I found that those got soaked quickly and then my hair isn't drying because it's just sitting in something wet so I thought I'd give the hair towel a try. UPDATE! I think that this towel really dried out my hair and I have lost a lot of moisture with it.  When I stopped using it I got a lot of my softness back.

First off, I just had the texture of it, it's not soft it's a little scratchy and something I get weird about the feel of things and this is just one I really don't like.  Also, I got the "long" towel and I wouldn't say my hair is THAT long.  If you had longer hair I'm not sure if it would be long enough for you.  It definitely does its job of soaking up water and probably more than anything else.  But your hair is still sitting in cold water.  I think it does cut down on time and absorbs more but I'm not sure its worth the $30. 

Not your Mother's Blow Dry Spray - I haven't really seen a difference if it cuts down on time but I like the smell of it and that its a heat protectant. 

These hair ties are supposed to be great dow not causing bends in your hair and being a little bit gentler on them.  Although I don't think they prevent your hair pulling or snagging they do leave a dent.  I wanted to wear them for when I went to bed but I think they are still a little rough.  So I'm pretty indifferent to them

Tangle Teezer - I've seen this thing for years and have always wanted to try.  It for sure works on wet hair like a breeze.  I wouldn't really recommend it for dry hair.  Although it works I feel like it can be rough and never feels like it fully goes through all my hair. 

Prep Rally - I got this as a sample and I love it.  I want to get a large size. I love the smell and actually think it helps my hair to dry faster when I'm blow drying it.  It adds moisture without weighing it down. 

I'm excited to try some new products.  I want to help my blonde really get blonde this summer while keeping it healthy and strong since the wedding is around the corner! 

What do you recommend? I'd love to know! 

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored. The links may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows us to continue to make a post like this. Thank you for the support! 

KL Polish Review #2

So I have always loved following makeup YouTubers and although I have been following them a little less lately one I really liked was Kathleen Lights and she came out with a nail polish last year, its called KL Polish. I bought two colors last year called Coconut Milk and Hug n Roll.  The nail polishes I received were shattered but I was quickly sent a replacement! Something I don't blame them but the post office.  I really liked the formula, packaging, and colors so I thought I'd give it another try.  

So here are the colors I purchased; Graham, Pinky, Dreamboy and Miss Honey.

My initial thoughts: Well you know me I got all these nail polishes and put them all on one hand immediately.  And putting them all next to each other wasn't the prettiest thing I could have done. 

At least I LOVED Pinky.  I am looking for a subdued pink for my wedding and I think this may be perfect.  Dreamboy is a perfect spring/summer color and a lot different than Hug n Roll.  It changes based on what its compared to and can look more blue or more purple.  I love the versatitiy.

I wasn't so certain on Graham, I was looking for a gray and KL polish has a few, I thought this one would be perfect for my lighter skin tone.  I am currently wearing it and I love it.  It was just compared with all the other colors I wasn't certain.  Its a perfect grey without being overpowering. 

I wasn't sure about Miss Honey, it looked a lot more terracotta than I was expecting.  I think it because my skin is so pale right now that I will be stunning with more of tan.  

Here are photos I got from their website on different skin tones so you can see.

Overall: I still love the nail polish.  The packaging is great,  I will say my dream boy wand is missing a few bristles but I'm working with customer service now to get it fixed. UPDATE: They wont give me a replacement because they cant see damage to the wand even though it is missing bristles. Im bummed because its hard to use but still useable. 

The formula is great, its made without a lot of toxins which is of course awesome.  And last for a really long time without chipping and I use no base or top coat! 

I'd recommend thin layers like the website says but its very buildable.  I really like this nail polish and highly recommend it, just wish it were in stores!

So do you have your eyes on any of the colors?

This post is not sponsor, all thoughts are my own and products were purchased. 

Love Beauty & Planet Review

Soo I'm going, to be honest, this product totally got me totally based off of packaging, and I was a marketing major so there's that.  But I picked it up and took a look at it because I was looking for new shampoo and conditioner because my chest and back were breaking out and that can be caused by products running down your back in the shower. (TMI but informative haha) Anyways I picked up these products and just loved the message.

Love Beauty and Planet started with one goal...
To make you more beautiful and give a little love to our planet. We want to help make a little difference with every shower towards a happier, less wasteful planet. Our approach is a holistic one, encompassing the entire product life cycle and beyond: we’ve given careful thought to our ingredients, product packaging, and social partnerships. We call it our passionate journey of #smallactsoflove, and we’re just getting started.
— Love Beauty & Planet Site

Anyways the eco-friendly freak I am bought it in an instant. I purchased the coconut one for volume, I love that is called out fine hair in the description because of a lot of shampoo and conditioner weigh my hair down very easily. 

I also picked up the tea tree body wash to help my skin.

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for cash back and coupons! Honey is a great back up when Ebates doesn't work on the site.

Review on Love Beauty and Plant products

REVIEW: I love ALL the products, my hair feels so light and clean.  It gets dirty a lot less and usually, I don't like tropical smells but this is light and give my hair volume! 

The body wash does smell like tea tree which isn't the prettiest smell but it lathers nicely and doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or anything and I think it's helping with the acne. 

Next up I want to try, this scrub and the tea tree shampoo for when I'm putting more product in my hair.  

There's something for everyone color treated hair, damaged hair, frizzy hair and hair that needs extra cleansing too. And body wash that goes with it. Looks like they are coming out with a mask, leave in cream, dry shampoo, and oil! I'm so excited. 

I love this brand and what they represent, tell me have you tried out these products?! What do you think?

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored. The links may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows us to continue to make a post like this. Thank you for the support!