Gifts for your Bridal Party

Something I really struggled with when it came to the wedding was wedding gifts. I wanted to be super thoughtful so I searched Pinterest high and low for ideas. I thought I’d share with you what I came up with to see if it can help you! Also holy heck this stuff can be pricey, so I always set alerts with Honey for prices or use Ebates for coupons and money back!


Robe - I looked at a BUNCH of robes and even though these were a pretty penny I just couldn’t stop going back to them. Someone suggested getting a third color for my mom and Henry’s mom. I just though the colors were beautiful and the material was so nice.

Make up Bag - These makeup bags are AWESOME! They are so big you can fit so much and the girls were able to tote lots of stuff in between rooms. I wanted something that said bridesmaid but not in your face. These were perfect.

Earrings - And I bought this paper - I thought it was such a cute knot tie in. But I wanted to girls to wear whatever jewelry they wanted because I think that’s how they can show their personality. The Kate Spade knot earrings can be pricey but these Nordstrom Rack ones were perfect!

Plastic glasses - Someone recommended this to me as an easy way for everyone to keep track of their glass and not worry about them breaking. It was brilliant and I recommend it to everyone!


Beer Glasses - This shop is where we got them but I no longer can find the exact listing. We got married in a brewery and were all about the beer theme.

Socks - We thought the socks were a fun add we tried to do something special for everyone. Macy’s had a lot of options. Here are the beer ones! We gave all the groomsman ones and our dad and men special in our life. It was fun to see them all wear it day of.

Tie - And of course we gifted all of the ties to the guys as well. This is the one we ended up picking. PRO TIP: Find your suit or something similar in color and compare it to the ties you are considering, it really helps to color match. We even had a sample of the bridesmaid dress to really help.


Parents: Mother in Law - I just wanted to get my mother-in-law a little something. I know its sorta cheesy but I had to.

My Dad - I gave this cute wrap around the socks and just thought it was so special. This was the closet I could find to mine

My Mom - My Mom was such an integral part of wedding planning and did so much for us that I thought a little spa kit would be helpful for after the wedding.

These are all the pictures I have. I also bought this bag for the girls, this for the guys gifts and this for the parents gifts. They looked awesome on the gift table for the rehearsal table. I do recommend getting different bags because it helped to grab them quickly and know who had what. Henry and I also wrote hand written notes which I think was really nice for our friends.

Best of luck in your wedding planning! I hope this helps!