Music Monday: Vol 26

Another Music Monday coming at you! I have been a little behind and there has been a lot of new stuff so I am excited to share! Also I found this awesome new vinyl shop near me and I bought so many good records.  What is some of you favorite albums to listen to on vinyl?

I love this new upbeat version of Oh Wonder. They have such a unique sound and its fun to hear something more dance-y.  Makes me excited for the album! 

I love Halsey but I liked to oldest stuff the best and I feel like this gets back to her roots with a little pop. Im obssesed I've listened to it like 100 times in a weekend. It gets catchier every time! 

What can I say this is a great song to work out to with the beat in the background.  They aren't amazing singers but I love the beat! 

New politics are AMAZING performers and I loved this new sound from them.  I was surprised when I heard this on the radio and this was the artist.  Give it a listen! 

I think Im still forming an opinion but I think I like it, I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

I can't stop listening to this on repeat, I just love the simplicity of the piano and the biuld up.  One of my favorites to play with the windows rolled down!  

I feel like this is such an under rated song for the summer. I think it will climb the charts soon enough.  I love the beat matched up with Zayns voice.  Im not a huge fan of him but I approve this song! 

Cold War Kids came out with a new album and Im really liking them.  It's making me excited to see them in the fall.  Have you seen them live??

I can't wait for this album and to finally see them live!! I love this loud sound they have and there new stuff is different but still Misterwives

Jaymes Young just has a cool sound and I love this feel.  Happy for all the new music! 

So tell me! What have you been listening to? What should I check out??

Music Monday: Vol 25

Happy Monday Friends! I hope that you're having a great start to the week.  I don't have a ton of new music this week because I've been listen to a lot of old stuff so I need some inspiration and recommendations! 

My friend Brian showed this to me back in college and I feel back in love with it.  If you like pop punk and main stream stuff, I think you'll love this! 

I really like this song off of Milky Chance's, it sounds like such a great new single and didn't disappoint me after Stolen Dance. I feel like its a little bit more upbeat, and I like it! 

I haven't heard the original song but I love Brood's remixes because sometimes I think I like them better sped up and with a little more oomph.

I've been listening to more of Cold War Kids so I was excited with their new songs that they have been putting out. I love their unique sound with the lead singer.  I dont think this song is amazing but I am a fan.

This is the first song that introduced me to Atlas Genius, I just think of junior year of college when I hear this song. I thought it was so cool, I still do.  Cant wait to see them in a week!

This song kept popping up on my playlist, it doesn't sound like typical Bad Suns at first. I felt like I had to share this with all of you, I love the techno beat that's in the background. 

This song is just so catchy, I love singing and dancing to it in the car.  They are amazing in concert and it makes me love this song even more! 

I have this album on vinyl and its just seriously such a great one to have as a record player! This is one of my favorite songs on the entire album.  If you haven't checked out his whole album you HAVE to! So soulful.