7 Ways I'm Happier Everyday

This past couple of years have been one of growing and learning for me.  I realized two years ago how anxious, nervous and sad I was all the time.   And I wanted to change it.  I feel like the past couple of years have been laying down some good foundation but this past couple of months I've really seen and felt a difference in my every day. I wanted to share some of the things I have done with you, hopefully, some will resonate! 

1 - Declutter - If you didn't read my post here about decluttering my every day, be sure to check it out.  Having a lot fewer things around me all the time has helped me to have a much clearer mind and feel a lot less anxious. 

2 - Not watching live TV - Don't get me wrong I still love Bravo but I found myself trying to work my whole schedule around a TV show because I had deemed it as "me time".  When in reality I would hurry up trying to do things so I could relax but I was just thinking of all the things I didn't do, checking my phone all throughout commercial breaks and not really enjoying the time.  I now watch the show when I have time (fewer commercials) and I focus on it and enjoy it more.  Or I watch it while I'm working out and it feels like a treat! 

3 - Giving my phone up every night - I also wrote a post about giving my phone up for 2 hours every night and what its done for me.  I feel so much more productive and relaxed at that time. 

4 - Doing things I enjoy -  Like reading books, or skimming Pinterest for fun.  I'm trying to find things where I can lose myself a little more and fewer to-dos.  Baking is one thing that really lets my mind wander. You can see the 5 books I love on a Sunday afternoon here

5 - Cheat Meals - Henry and I realized we were spending money on going out as treats and not paying attention to how many times we were doing it.  In an effort to really clean up our diet we have decided to every Friday have a "cheat meal" that we usually cook at home.  It a fun thing to look forward to all week and do together.  It saves money and makes the food more enjoyable! You can't be strict on your diet 100% of the time you'll go crazy.  We really enjoy the bonding time together as well after long weeks! 

6 - Morning workouts - This was so hard in the beginning, I won't sugar coat it.  But I feel such a sense of accomplishment just starting my day.  And when I come home from work I don't feel guilty because I've already done it! Not to mention it feel good for my body and I'm loving getting stronger. 

7 - Meditation - This really helps me to try to stop my thoughts and just take a second for myself. I have found too that I dont react as poorly to things when I am meditating regularlly. 

I hope at least one thing on this list helps you to feel better every day! I'd love to hear any tips that you have. 


Ways I've decluttered my life

Hi Friends! I hope that you are having a great week, so if you read my latest post about my social media detox / just giving up my phone you may have noticed I'm trying to simplify my life a lot. In the last month, I've done a lot to just declutter my life.  I feel like my life is a lot less chaotic and way more productive so I thought I'd share that with you! 

A lot of these changes I’ve made had to do with visually decluttering as well as digital information


Changes I've made: 

Gotten rid of notifications I don't need - I did take off Instagram notifications but I had to put those back on because people were trying to reach me.  But I have taken away notifications from apps that don't really matter to me and just really peeled everything away to things that I felt I needed notifications.  This helped me to grab my phone a lot less and only see the important things right away.  Rather than constantly being bombarded with pointless information all day and sidetracking myself. 

One for One bottle - I have really decluttered our place by only buying things that need replacing.  My rule now if something is running low is "Will I run out of it in 3 days?", if so then I can put it on the list for the week.  If not it waits until next week.  I feel like I have saved a lot of money that way and our apartment is a lot less cluttered with items we don't quite need.  Rather than stocking up on everything and taking forever to get through it.  Also with makeup and hair products, I like trying out new things, so it doesn't make sense for me to buy duplicates.  I have found it almost wasteful at points. 

I feel like yes, cleaning and putting things away clears my mind, but purging and getting rid of things I dont need really gives me clarity in my home.

Threw out and purged things I didn't need - Spring cleaning here I come! Henry and I did a huge purge because we plan on moving soon this winter.  You can read about where we donated everything here.  But would you believe we donated 4 large boxes and now we are doing another pass and donating 2 more boxes?  I feel like yes, cleaning and putting things away clears my mind, but purging and getting rid of things I don't need really gives me clarity in my home.

Organizing papers - I have SO many papers from my car, home items, wedding things, receipts I needed.  One afternoon I just sat down and recycled anything I didn't need and organized everything else into folders.  Now I have no problem finding things I need and my desk is clear.  I have a little sorter on my desk that I put papers in and I make a point to go through and file those away every week. 

Getting rid of things visually - I donated and cleared a lot of things away that were just laying out.  Even if it was decorative, I really paired down my decor so that there would be a lot more space. I feel like I have so much working space and the place looks so my clearer. 

Unsubscribing from emails - If you haven't heard of unrollme, you should check it out.  It's this website that you sign on to your email and it shows you everything you're subscribed to. I was subscribed to things I didn't even know about.  It takes a few days for them to go into effect but seriously, not waking up to 50 emailed every day has been amazing.  I feel like I'm getting the information I need and not overloaded.

Deleting contacts/social media - I feel like I spent forever scrolling through social media and looking at things that didn't help me or I didn't care about.  So I unfollowed a ton of people, if I didn't like their post or got nothing out of it there was no reason to look at their stuff. I think did slowly add things that did help me like fitness bloggers or food bloggers. 

Overall I just needed to get a lot of the fluffy and unnecessary things out of my life.  Decluttering in the way of technology has been HUGE.  I feel like my days are better, I'm less upset about things I see and I'm WAY more focused on things I want to accomplish.

So tell me have you done any spring cleaning on life or your home?! Tell me how!

Review on Spring Waterbottle

I bought a $90 water bottle ... Well actually I didn't it was a gift. But I'm now an owner of a $90 water bottle. Ridiculous I know but here's why it tracks your water intake and reminds you throughout the day to drink water. 

Henry is convinced that before this water bottle I was chronically dehydrated and he's probably right.  I would drink coffee but actual glasses of water were maybe 2 a day if that. But I am really trying to help out my fitness and overall health.  And if you've seen one article about the importance of drinking water you've seen 10.  I know it helps your skin, your weight, metabolism, ability to flush out toxins, and more. 

I was trying to drink more tea and get my water intake there,  but I really wasn't motivated so I thought this purchase was worth it. 

There is the Hidrate Spark out there which I think is more common and less expensive.  The main difference is the bottle lights up when you should be drinking more water.  Here is why I didn't buy that one:

1. I've heard of some people turning off the light because it was annoying and almost embarrassing in a public space (which sorta defeats the purpose).

2.  I saw bad reviews of shipping.  Those types of reviews always makes me a little skittish. 

3. It was plastic.  If I spending a lot of money on a bottle I want it with nice quality. 

I also just liked the design of the Spring a lot better and thought that it wouldn't be super noticeable that I bought this really expensive bottle to help me drink more water. One thing I like about the Hidrate a little better is that it syncs with your Fitbit App.

So is it worth it?

  • I drink way more water than I use to
  • I lost water weight
  • I find myself recognizing thirst rather than thinking I'm hungry
  • I'm eating less because I'm getting full with water
  • Im making an effort to drink more without noticing
  • The app helps me and has really cute motivational texts

Due to all that I do think its worth it.  It's a really nice product that works well and helps me in my fitness goals.  I think I needed something like this thats a visiual to really help me make a change. Here is the link to the product.