Instagram Giveaway! + Announcement

Hi Friends, I hope this week is treating you well. If you didn’t see my Instagram stories this past week then let me fill you in. I have been receiving an increasing amount of people reaching out “wishing” I made wallpapers a certain way. Or changes that they want to free wallpapers. I just want to kindly remind everyone, that I make FREE wallpapers in my precious SPARE TIME. This is not my full time job, I make no money off free wallpapers. I spend time making these when I could be enjoying time with my fiance, playing with my dog or just relaxing after a stressful day. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE making wallpapers for people who enjoy them. I just want to remind you that you’re 1 getting something free from the internet and 2 theres a person on the other side of the computer thats working very hard.

I get a lot of request and it wouldn’t be far if I’d pick and choose. So if you’d like some custom wallpaper I’d be happy to make it! Just select one of these items from the store! I’d recommend this over email or request because my email gets filled with lots of spam sadly.

Sometimes I just feel like I need to put the reminder out there that this isn’t my full time job and I can’t make things drop of the hat.

But I would like to say, a huge thank you to the people that have continually supported Candidly Keri with your likes and follows, especially if you have purchased something from the store! I finally hit 5,000 followers on Instagram! My hope is one day I can have 10,000 followers, not for the number per say but so you can swipe up on items I’m talking about! Ugh its a creators dream.

Anyways, here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow me on Instagram

  2. Tag a friend on my giveaway image

  3. You may enter as many times as you’d like, just don’t repeat entries please :)

  4. Bonus entry if you share a Candidly Keri wallpaper in your story! Just make sure you tag me so I can see it @candidlykeri

Winner will get …. DRUM ROLL! A $20 off coupon to any store items!

Pretty simple, I just want to say thank you for supporting me and my little blogging dream!

Holiday Giveaway!

We did it! You helped me reach 3,000 followers on Instagram! (If you're not following me you should!) So since its the holiday's I wanted to give a present to you! A giveaway, and this time the winner gets to pick what they win, whether it's a custom wallpaper or something from the store! All you have to do is fill out this survey that helps me to make Candidly Keri even better! 

Giveaway is from 11/30-12/7.  I will email the winner and let you know on Instagram when I have chosen! 

Thank you again for everything! Ps. Theres something special at the very end :)

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Candidly Keri Feedback & Giveaway

Hi friends! I hope that you are enjoying the updated Candidly Keri Site! I was so happy to get it updated and give it a fresher look! I am looking to improve the site even more, but I need your help! 

If you could please fill out this less than 5-minute survey that would be greatly appreciated! What's in it for you you might ask? A winner from the email addresses will be given a choice of a free custom wallpaper or something from the shop for free! *You must give your email in order to be chosen*

What are your favorite blog topics? *
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Thank you so much! This giveaway will be open from July 28 - August 6!  A winner will be contacted after that!