Easy ways to be Eco Friendly!

Happy Earth Day everyone! I hope that you're having a great day.  I wanted to share some everyday things I do to try to use less energy and waste fewer things that if everyone did would make a really big impact.  This is an important subject matter so I thought I'd share some with you!

1 - Reusable bags - I like these for grocery shopping and these are great for the produce section so you aren't constantly getting those plastic bags.

2 - Recycle - Recycle all the plastic and glass you can.  I always try to clean things out and recycle them. 

3 - Donate your old clothes and items - I'm constantly dropping things off at Goodwill, if I can't use it I'm sure someone else can! 

4 - H&M drop off - H&M will donate your clothes for you and if you have items that have holes they will recycle them and turn them into new clothes! 

5 - Buying things that last longer - This helps to just reduce things overall, when you are buying less there is less of a demand and products being wasted.

6 - Shorter showers - Reducing your shower by 2 minutes saves about 40 gallons of water a week!

7 - Madewell Jeans - If you drop off old jeans at Madewell, no matter the brand they will recycle them and use them for housing installation! 

8 - Buying products that are responsibly sourced - I think this one speaks for itself.

9 - Combining trips - This waste less gas and makes things easier on you!

10 - Reusing Shopping bags - Don't throw these out! There are plenty of use for them, even if its just using them as trash bags. 

11 - Water bottles - Getting water bottles you can reuse really helps! When you buy plastic water bottles you actually cant reuse them much because the plastic breaks down and toxins can get into the water you're drinking. You can get this glass bottle for all your Starbucks runs and they will give money off your order! 

12 - Glass containers - Glass is better than plastic if you can swap them out anywhere! 

13 - Metal Straws - Straws actually create a lot of waste and metal straws can be used over and over.  I like these. 

14 - Waiting to replace items - I found myself replacing things too quickly and bottles were piling up on me.  It was wasteful and I need to wait until I'm truly running out! 

15 - Nature-friendly Beauty products - One reason I really like Love Beauty & Planet is that their products are naturally sourced but they also use less plastic.

16 - Meatless Monday - It takes 2,500 gallons of water to process 1 lb of meat.  Going meatless one day really makes an overall impact and its fun to try new recipes! 

17 - Turn your air 1 degree lower - This can save you on your energy bill and just uses less! In all reality, 1 degree shouldn't make too big of in a difference in what you feel but overall will have a bigger impact.

18 - Go a few hours without electricity a week - Its fun to get out and do different things or just even read a book.  But this makes a big impact and if you unplug things it helps to not have a constant low volume of electricity being used.

19 - Collect your food scraps - Find some way to compost this if possible! I will really cut down on waste and I know that farmer could use this or you can make really nutrient heavy soil! 

20 - Houseplants - Planting trees or just getting houseplants help to purify the air.

I like to try to walk to local places and support businesses that give back. There are really small changes we can all make without even affecting our every day that will make a big impact! What are some tips & tricks you have? I'd love to hear! Remember: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Nashville Getaway

If you guys don't follow me on Instagram then you wouldn't know that Henry and I went to Nashville for a little getaway and it was great! We had an AMAZING Air BnB right next to music row (aka Taylor Swift).  We just tried out different food places and relaxed! It was such a nice break from every day and all the hustle before the holiday season.  So I'm here to share with you some photos and some of our favorite places! 


Proper Bagel - These bagels were just Henry's dream, it was the coolest set up with tubs of cream cheese that looked like ice cream.  We could walk there and its right next to the Belmont University.  I HIGHLY recommend this place as a breakfast spot to go to while you're there. 

Soda Parlor Review Nashville Food Blogger

Sprinkles - I just had to try out the famous cupcake atm. They have a store also which offers more but I just had to try it and it was delicious but expensive.  Just something I had to cross off my list you know! 

Soda Parlor - GUYS just don't have lunch or dinner one day and head here.  I'm sure that these milkshakes have enough calories to fill you for a week but its SO worth it.  It tasted even better than it looks if you can imagine,  I had the smores milkshake and Henry had the peanut butter one. 

Saint Anejo - Really anything is the gulch area is awesome! They had a lot of different restaurants like Adeles, Biscuit Love and Whiskey Kitchen but we were feeling Mexican and Saint Anejo's didn't disappoint.  Best tacos I've had in a very long time! 

Coffee Shops

Steadfast coffee shop nashville review

Barista Parlor - This place is a bloggers dream, it is huge with so much seating and cool coffee sections.  It was flipped from an old garage and you can tell. I just loved the vibe there with the music and everything that was going on.  I wish I could have gone several times. 

SteadFast Coffee - THIS WAS THE BEST COFFEE IVE EVER HAD! There I said it, it was so good.  And Henry said it was the best chai tea he's ever had too.  It's small so you gotta get there a little early if you want a spot.  But there is plenty of outdoor seating if the weather allows it. 

Frothy Monkey - This may not be the most buzzed about the location but some Nashville locals highly recommended this coffee shop and I've got to say it was pretty darn good and there are several locations. 


Amelia's flower truck Nashville Review

Amelia's Truck - Ever since I have been a blogger I have wanted to check out Amelia's Truck.  ITs a cute flower truck that drives around Nashville and parks outside some local coffee shops.  You can either pick flowers that you want there or have them make a bouquet.  I did the latter because I trust them more and I just love my flowers. 

Percy Warner Park - This park is a great activity if you're looking to get out and go for a hike.  The smallest loop is 2 miles but its a beautiful trail in the trees, its quiet, everyone friendly and you may see a horse or two. 

Pinewood Social - If you research any Nashville blogger review, they will talk about pinewood social.  Its a really cool spot, with different sections that is like a coffee shop, then a restaurant, bar and bowling alley rolled all into one.  It's not near a lot but I think its work the trip out there to check out! We only had a cocktail and it was delicious! 

For Next Time 

Five Daughters Bakery - Featured on an episode of "Jessie & Eric" haha these donuts look gourmet and well worth the calories. 

Franklin Juice - For when I want to try to be healthy on vacation, this spot looks like a great place to get a juice or smoothie bowl! 

Bartaco -  These look like amazing tacos that I also want to try out #tacotuesday

PS -- If you're looking for all the cool murals in Nashville to get your photo taken at I found this blog post which gives you all the locations! 

Let me know below if you like these types of posts or any recommendations you have!


Pumpkin Recipes!

I don't know about you but in this house when it's fall time that means pumpkin recipes, basically EVERY week.  It's a bit much I know but we just love it so much that I wanted to share with you some of my favorite recipes I've come across so far. 

Pumpkin Pancakes - These pumpkins are so easy to make and are so fluffly.  I love them because when I was looking online for pumpkin pancakes there were some with like 2 1/2 cups of flour, as much as I'd like that many pancakes its not practical.  These are the perfect amount of pumpkin. Highly recommend!

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins - These muffins are incredible! They are so moist and yummy.  I like them because they are on the healthier side of some muffins but these are so good to grab and go with for a little afternoon snack! 

Soft Baked Pumpkin Cookies  - I haven't tried these yet, but they remind me of the Kroger bakery cookies with the soft cookies and frosting on top that I try not to grab EVERY time I see them.  So Im excited to try this recipe out next weekend! 

Pumpkin Fluff - I could eat this by the handful with no shame.  It's so good with simple ingredients.  It's the perfect thing to bring to any get-together people will just eat it right up.  We love to pair it with graham crackers or our favorite is cinnamon stick graham crackers which make it super easy to scoop up and eat.  But according to the recipe, some people eat it with ginger snaps! 

Pumpkin Roll - Now for the grand finale.  Henry LOVES this pumpkin roll, he says he would eat it like a burrito if he could ... no words but this is a super good recipe.  It has really helpful tips because this is a tough thing to make with rolling the cake. Its worth all the work though and I was surprised how good it turned out! 

SO, now I shared my favorite pumpkin recipes with you, you must share your favorite with me! 

Let me know if you guys like this type of posts and want more! It was fun to do something different!