Workout gear for a small apartment

So if you have read any of my recent post about goals, you will know that a healthy lifestyle is one of my main focuses this year. Sometimes that can be hard with living in a small apartment and not having some things easily available.  I am lucky to have a small gym in my complex with a few treadmills, weights and a bike but it can be crowded often.  So I put a list together of all the things I use in the apartment that really seem to get the job done! 

work out gear for a small apartment review and advice

Must Haves:                                  *Remember to use Ebates when shopping to get cash back!

  • Yoga Mat - No matter what exercise Im doing its nice to lay on or having that extra cushion.  It also give me a grip and no carpet burn.  It also rolls up nicely to not take up a lot of space.  I've had my eye on this one recently.
  • Your Phone - There are so many apps out now to help you exercise.  I am doing the Tone It Up program and I really enjoy it.  Especially because it has easy access to the daily work out. 
  • Wireless Headphones - These were pretty inexpensive and get the job done.  I love it because I can sync it to my phone play music, lift weights, go for a run outside or do yoga and they rarely ever budge. This also helps to keep the noise down since I am in an apartment. 
  • Bands -  Bands are small and easy to store, I got one that have different resistants so that I could move up and challenge myself.  I love these so far they are strong and haven't broke.  the resistance really elevates my work outs. They can be pricey in store, so of course Amazon is the way to go.
  • Weights - Again I bought these on Amazon, way cheaper.  But I feel like weights are a must to really challenge yourself, and get a variety of work outs in.  I don't think that you need a kettle ball or a weighted ball.  Just free weights should work! I like the vinyl too they are easier on my hands.


Fitbit- I just recently got the Fit Charge 2 and I really like it because it tells me heart rate and that is something Im working on lowering.  It is just also a really good motivator.

Comfy Tank tops - I have been loving these by Target, they make me want to work out! 

Swell water bottle - Because it keeps things cold for 24 hours (thats no joke), I find myself drinking a lot more water.  And they come in really pretty colors :)

Exercise ball - This has come in handy a few times but really its so large and takes up a lot of room.  It's nice because some of the exercises I do need them but you can always find alternatives. 

What are some of your must haves?! An update on my goals: Im 3 pounds down on my 10 pound goal, I've been eating better, moving around a lot more ad drinking water.  Just have to keep it up!


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