Word of the Year

So I kept seeing all around Facebook and Instagram about people picking a word to represent what they are focusing on this year.  And at first I thought thats so silly, a word really? But then I thought about it more because I wondered what my word would be. 

I believe in goals, specifically setting intentions when it comes to your lifestyle so I took a day, well maybe more to think of a word.  I knew my resolutions about a healthier lifestyle, communicating more, taking time for myself and being more productive with my time.

So  I picked the word ... Present.  

word of the year 2017 present

One thing I have found recently, is Im not great with my time.  For instance, I sit down to write a post (that I have all prepared) and I check Instagram, Facebook, respond to emails and then watch 37 episodes of Netflix.  Then when I go to sit down for Netflix Im thinking about how I really should write a post. 

I want to be more present with my time so I don't feel constantly behind and I enjoy my time more.  I don't want to be worrying about all the things I have to do when Im spending time with loved ones.  So I hope by being more productive with my time I can be more present.  

I know that some people pick the word present because they want to be more in the moment which I do too but I'd also like to just worry less.  And I think this is a nice challenging and rewarding solution.

So tell me! Whats your word?!