Why I write Intentions not Goals

Hey friends! Hope your having a great week.  I wanted to write a post about how recently I have switched from setting goals for the month to setting intentions. 

The first reason is that I feel like my goals or intentions are more of a life style change rather than something quantitative.  I can write out steps to help me achieve a goal but with a goal I feel like there is a finish line.  This isn't what I want for intentions.  

I also just feel like it has more oomph to it.  A little more like a lifestyle change that want to implement every day rather than something to accomplish.

I try to keep these intentions in the back of my mind all the time. I am a little easier on myself when I fail or take a misstep with intentions. I don’t judge myself so harshly which helps me to actually pick myself back up and keep going.

I am hoping that with intentions if I feel like I do fail, instead of starting over just viewing it as a pause.  And then I am hitting play again.

What do you do each month?  Goals or Intentions? I'd love to hear from you!