What's New with Keri

Its like where's Keri but where's Waldo.  Ha, life has been INSANE y'all.  So so so much of it is good stuff.  Working really hard over these past 3 years and having it all come together AT THE SAME TIME!  But it doesn't make it any less overwhelming.  Things are slowing down a little.  Well at least it feels like it and I feel like I can give more of my time to the blog (finally). 

So whats going on:

- We have busy every weekend but 2 so far since memorial day weekend.  Yikes this has been rough to catch up on adult life you know like cooking, cleaning, laundry.  Which called for a lot of new outfits, scrub outfits and take out. 

- We are almost 3 months out till the wedding.  Let me tell you I thought it would be beginning that was overwhleming with picking the venors.  No sir, its all the little details.  Like escort cards and table numbers.  SOS send help for crafting

- We moved into our dream space.  I literally have to pinch myself every day.  We worked really hard to get here, afford here and still save.  Seriously 5 apartments opened out of 170.  And you know I was calling and emailing every day.

- We may be adding a furry friend to the mix.  More on that soon!

- Health and diet have taken a total back seat.  Not having that realize has really been hurting my mental health and not helping me get to my fitness goals for the wedding.  Theres good and bad to life and Im not giving the Instagram reel here.

- Im getting veneers.  Im in the temporary phase, and I immediately called my mom and sobbed because I hate how they look (they are temporary I know) but Im so self conscious I don't even want to go out. T-8 days till prettier teeth come in.  Let me know if you want a post on this, I broke my teeth in the 5th grade and Im getting them fixed for good.

- Making friends a high priority.  I have moved so many times in my life that friendships have always been hard for me cause Im always leaving.  So Im trying to really cultivate relationships and put the time in.  That can be hard on this introvert extrovert. 

- The blog took a total back seat.  I just couldn't do it all.  And something needed to be taken off my plate.  I felt so guitly every day I wasn't working harding on it.  I had all these goals and everything took a big pause.  But Im excited and hungry to get going again.  Which I haven't been able to say that for a while about the blog. 

So there is it! The good, the bad, the super overwhelming.  I have had appointments, after work, during work and before work to keep it all going.  So thanks for you patience if you're still hanging in there.  I really appreciate it! Im excited for what's to come!