What to Expect from Life After Graduation

I hope that this blog can be a thoughtful outlet for some people out there like it has been for me.  I say thoughtful because I’d love to add some insight or give some advice on things I have experienced. Treating this as a place to ponder, instead of occupying time.

I plan on posting a lot of advice articles on job searching, networking and nailing a *dream* job.  I plan on reviewing, and putting my two cents in on some common articles that go along with that, as well as common websites that will help you navigate the job searching world.

As my sea legs get accustomed to this new blogging world, I’d love to expand into other things that I have really grown an interest in after graduating.  Especially just exploring this whole new world of adulthood.  You'll also see some fun things here as well like my first apartment and my struggles with becoming an adult (I hope I'm not the only one). Sprinkle in some fashion, makeup, and life updates in there as well.

Come back every week for new post!

Let’s get started on this adventure together, shall we?