What I use to clean my Makeup Brushes! Tips & Tricks

Hi Friends! So as we all know I am a huge lover of makeup. I am a big believer thatyour tools are just as important. I try to deep clean my brushes weekly and spot treat them daily.  I have acne prone skin and your brushes can really hold bacteria so it is important to make sure you are cleaning them regularly! We all know I'm budget friendly here so here are some of the things I use to clean my brushes!

Dawn Soap - This is great and super inexpensive.  Dawn breaks down grease which helps to breakdown the makeup.  It also is anti-bacteria and gentle on the brushes!

Eye Makeup Remover - Sometimes this helps to clean brushes too but it's really oily, so I only recommend if you're in a pinch!

Beauty Blender Soap - This is a little more pricey, but its gentle and moisturizes the brushes.  It also cleans SO well.  I use it on more than just a beauty blender. Highly recommend! 

Pot Holder - This is a super inexpensive trick I learned. You can clean the brushes with this mat and it deep cleans it. It works so well.  And is $5 at Bed Bath Beyond, there just no link online!

Rubbing Alcohol - It is important to know that you also need to clean your brush handles since there can be a lot of bacteria on it! It was news to me too!

Also, it is really important for you to not clean your brushes in hot of water because it can damage the glue holding the brush together!!

What do you use to clean your brushes?!