Welcome to Life After Graduation: Take Two

Welcome to my blog! Today is a big exciting/scary day for this little blog of mine! I have been blogging for about a month now, as a side project/creative outlet for myself.  I know a lot of people have started blogs recently and I had been toying with the idea in my mind for a while but after seeing other people being brave, I decided to give it a shot.  I originally wanted this blog to be a niche about job searching since I have done some and I have also been a recruiter.  But within a week I felt I had already put myself in a box.  I am no longer job searching and frankly it's not fun to talk about.  Yes, I was hoping my posts could help bring some comfort or knowledge to people out there, but I didn't always want to have to talk about it.  So I felt like a failure within the first week of blogging, making me grateful I hadn't sent my link out to everyone, because God, wouldn't THAT be embarrassing.  (It's funny how some things we think will  be the worst things that could happen, often don't make anyone else's radar.)

So with already being drained from week 1, I decided to take a step back.  I asked myself "Self, why I am I working on this blog? Is this only for the people who read it, or to gain views." The response was neither.  I discovered it was something for me, to write, to get my thoughts out and to hopefully connect with people in ways I hadn't before.  The purpose in the beginning wasn't to share it, I wanted to keep it for myself and shelter it. But after hours spent coding, adding playlist and making cool desktop wallpapers (check them out) I feel like "my baby" is growing up and ready. 

So I bring you to part 2 of Life After Graduation.  My little baby has already evolved in ways I could have never imagined.  Every week I write a few post of what's on my mind, whether it's things I've learned, products/clothes I like, or even full circle back to job searching.  I realized that by putting limits on this blog and myself, it automatically set me up for failure.  There are no rules on what to write, how to write, or when to write.  I really encourage anyone thinking about writing a blog to start, (today, right this second, well once you're done with this post).  I've learned a lot about myself.  And I have loved all the creating, writing, and coding! 

Honestly, the purpose of this blog isn't to have hundreds of viewers, although that would be cool.  The purpose is just to be a creative outlet, and I hope you check back every once in a while to see what's going on in the world of Keri!

Also feel free to follow my Instagram @lifeaftergraduation for lots of updates and posts! 

Thanks for reading this far and I hope you enjoy!