Wedding: Favorites & Fails

I thought I’d share some wedding photos and with it some things I learned wedding planning. I have a few more wedding posts coming up but if theres anything you’d like me to cover please let me know in the comments! I love hearing from you guys!


Picked people who got my vision - I was very intentional with all of our vendors and I think it showed. I communicated, maybe over communicated with photos and really wanted them to understand the vision and vibe I was going for and I think they really got it. It made everything come together so smoothly!

Color Scheme - I worked really hard on colors since I do love design. I think my biggest thing here was our photographer scouted places the week before our wedding and that helped me to pick backgrounds I thought would be beautiful with our colors.

Dance at the end of the night - I saw on instagram that a couple at the end of the night had everyone clear the room and they just had one last dance. Henry and I did this, so we could dance to “our song” which has a sadder message so I didn’t want it as the first dance but was still special. Since we had a full dance routine for our wedding the photographer said this was really nice to slow it down and capture this moment.

Friday Night party - We had a party for everyone out of town to come to Friday and this helped to get a ton of introductions out of the way so that the night of our wedding we could just dance and enjoy!

Little details - I spent A LOT OF TIME on every single little detail, probably too much. But I will say it meant a lot to me and my mom. So what if everyone didn’t catch it all, I did. My biggest compliment I got was on my welcome bag for hotel guest, which I will write a post about!


Missed a few details - My wedding day of planner was ON IT! But I realized how much I missed with the band even though we had a 2 hour meeting with them. My biggest mess up was not telling them what part of the song we wanted to walk out too so I look silly when they announced our name because Im confused (NOT a big problem). But I found listening to my music and putting time stamps on everything helped if that matter to you.

Be sure to ask for final papers from your vendors so you can see what they have written down because remember other people will be using that to execute.

Missed guestbook - I put my guest book on the gift table but since everyone was our of towners no one really went to that spot. So if that matters to you put it in a space you know they will be.

Glow sticks - We had a glow stick exit and because it was inside the flash made it look really bright and silly. I still liked the process but not sure it was worst it.

Get ready Robes


Hotel - AC HOTEL

Photographer - David Stephen

Florist - Katie Blooms

Wedding Day Of Planner - 44th and Luxe Events

Venue - Rhingeist

Dress from Carrie Karibo - Theia Dress