My Wedding DIY's

Hi Friends, I hope that you’re having a great week! While I was wedding planning I wrote a post all about whether or not you should DIY for your wedding. I personally did a fair amount but part of it was because I love being creative and Henry & I were engaged for forever. So it gave me time to practice things, mess up and either correct it or order something else! So I figured I’d just go through each item and tell you what I used and any advice I have!


As you can see I made a LOT of Acrylic signs! I made them for the shuttle times, signature drinks, welcome sign, escort table, and guest book. I wanted to do a MEGA sign for the table arrangement. PRO TIP: I decided against it though because people will cancel last minute and we actually had to change where people were seated.

For the large welcome sign, my dad was a baller and welded all the copper piping, it was a little pricey and the sign its self was like $40. But a pretty cool statement sign and we had some space to fill in our cocktail hour.


  • I used a water soluble pen, so if I made mistakes I could wipe it off. Most of the pens at craft stores are not, but can be taken off with acetone.

  • DONT scrub it off. You will mark up the signs. I did that.

  • Also we drilled holes to hand the sign and my florist covered the rope but the sign did start to crack a little so we put super glue on it and it was okay.

  • We did not spray it with any sealant. When we tried on some of the signs you could see little dots.

  • Highly recommend an extra sign to test everything out on.

  • Etsy is where its at for a super thin marker

  • Henry and I designed all the signs printed them out and then I just traced that.

  • TRANSPORTING: I used some tissue paper and wrapped it tightly. This prevented it from scrapping up in the transition.

  • Pens used: Thin, thicker for the bigger sign

  • If you use the pens too much it will start to come off. So I recommend one coat let it dry completely then come back and touch up where you need to.

  • I also used a toothpick to clean up any edges!



I loved my table numbers, I don’t know if many of our guests realized they were made from hand but they were! Again my dad did all the copper work, he got the bases from Michaels and just stained to fit more of my venue. I could my table numbers from Minted. PRO TIP: I got most of my paper items from Minted, so my invitations, escort card, and table numbers. I always waited until they had a sale and saved a lot of money that way. Here’s $25 to your first order too.

But the signs were mostly made by my dad and then we pre tied all the ribbon so the day of the sign just needed to be hung. When my dad was making these too he cut out a sheet of paper that was the same size as the table number because we actually adjusted the arm.



BY far one of my favorite things at the wedding! Have I mentioned my dad and I are really good at math and love donuts. So we purchased a few, my donuts were from Holtman’s best donuts in Cincinnati, measured them and figured out the sizing. We didn’t go with a pegboard its self because it seemed flimsy and we couldn’t get the right size. So I bought a large plywood board and had Home Depot cut it in store, and then had to go back because it wouldn’t fit in the car, good thing first 5 cuts are free. HA! Our caterer came up with the idea of painting something on the back so that when donuts were removed it wasn’t just empty. And we only put up half the donuts so they could be replaced and the wall was a little more filled!

I painted the board before putting the pegs in because I wanted a cleaner look. My dad was worried it would mess everything up when he went to drill but it didnt! PAINTING TIP: I made a grid and put it in photoshop with a grid so I had a baseline but I drew pretty free hand. Then we opted out to not paint the pegs.

Some people put multiple donuts on a peg but we didn’t want them to touch and get gross.

I also got these really cute, DONUT MIND IF I DO, good bags since they were our favors.

GUEST BOOK - We did a mad lib and I loved it because it was on the gift table a lot of people missed it, so be sure where you put your guest book is in a noticeable location!

Welcome bag - So many goodies in there I’m going to save that for a whole other post!

Invitations and Escort Cards - Again I went through minted and really liked it because you can have them do custom colors, so I did slate blue that was my main wedding color. They misprinted something gray but they were relatively quick to reprint. Just don’t wait last minute! TIP: we made the escort card different colors based on the food choice so the waiters could easily tell without having to write anything or put stickers on the cards.

Do not Disturb sign - Designed by Henry and I, we used card stock and cut it out with an Exacto knife.

His and Her Vow books - These were the books I got and they were WAY too small, I would have felt silly reading from this, but

Henry’s Gift - I got him a print of the constellations on important nights in our relationship. And they could do future dates so I was able to get our wedding day from this shop!

Grooms Cake - This was from Spoonfulla Sugar, I drew up a design from a beer can and personalized it for Henry. I was a big hit at the rehearsal dinner!

CARD BOX - A lot of card boxes are SUPER expensive, so I just had my dad build one from a kit and then I painted on it!

This was our cake topper too! I loved it!

Photos by: David Stephen (and my good friend took photos of all the signs because she knew how important it was), Florals by Katie’s Blooms, Location Rhinegeist

ALL THE PHOTOS: Any questions let me know! I’d be happy to answer!