Wedding Beauty Plan: 3 Months

Soooo, after having the longest engagement ever.  I'm officially under the 3-month mark and I sort of can't believe it!  I have been working really hard on getting my fitness right and my skin before the wedding but it's time to really kick it up a notch and make it a priority.  I'm going to have these photos forever and it's going to be such a special day that I don't want to feel meh.  I want to feel super confident! 

So here are a few things I am doing. 

  • Keeping up with working out 4 times a week and active on the other 3. Long walks or yoga. Trying to get 10,000 steps a day.

  • Eating a lot cleaner, more fruits, and veggies

  • Drinking water, I mean you've seen everywhere how great water is for everything

  • I have Keratosis pilaris, which is these red bumps on the back of my arms. My dermatologist told me to use this. But you really have to use it for a long time and consistently to see results.

  • I have some chest and back acne (keeping it real) and something that really helps is this spray. So I'm using that and this brush to help clear dead skin from working out and reach places I can't. This is what I use in the shower, recommended by my dermatologist. (THIS CAN BLEACH YOUR TOWELS!)

  • I'm going to keep up with my face wash and oil my dermatologist gave me because that really helps to keep my skin a lot clearer.

  • I have this face oil, I was hoping it would help with scars and acne. But I think I like this one better so I may switch and I got my facial roller to help that stuff soak in!

  • I also got this light mask, so who knows how that will go. Let me know if you want a review.

  • I'm going to keep up with masks to keep my skin clearer and hydrated.

  • Take my vitamins! This has to help something.

  • I may also get facials once a month just to really help my skin and everything it's going through.

  • Stop picking, this is really bad for me. I can't resist but I find if I leave my skin be for a few days it looks so much clearer!

These are things I should do all the time.  But they will be my priority for the next 3 months and hopefully, that will help it to become easier and more of a lifestyle change! 

If you have tips of things you do before your wedding or a major event, I want to hear!