6 ways to start off the New Year

New year means fresh starts! Its a time where it feels like anything is possible. I do think sometimes Monday’s are just enough to start over but anytime is a good time. Here are 6 things that I think about and work on within the new year. There’s something for everyone. But I believe cleaning up, and decluttering your life really sets you up for success for the rest of the year!

Clean it up! - My first thing in the new year it to really just get rid of stuff I don’t need and organize what’s left over. I am a firm believer that a clear space means a clear mind!

  • Sign up for Unroll.me. This way you can unsubscribe for all the junk emails you get a promos. Nothing that servers you or is a temptation if you don’t need it!

  • Get PaperKarma. In efforts to help the environment I’m paying for subscription ($1.99) to get off junk mails lists. You just click a photos of your mail and they reach out to the company for you!

  • Delete unused contacts, apps, photos or videos. You don’t need them and they just clutter!

  • If you’re like anyone else in America and binge watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo then you’ll be cleaning out our closets. I wrote a post about where I donate my clothes and where I sell some of my items! I also highly recommend donating and getting rid of items within other rooms of your house! Also, container store is your best friend when reorganizing.

  • Recycle! Get rid of old papers, you can recycle grocery bags at most local grocery stores, get rid of old boxes.

Purge people

  • Unfollow social media accounts that don’t bring you total joy. Seriously, you don’t need to keep following your high school friend-enemies. And if you don’t want to totally unfollow them, then mute their stories and posts. You’d seriously be surprised how much this can change your day. At first you think you’'ll miss out and then you wont even know you’re missing anything and it will be less of a trigger.

  • STOP PUTTING TIME INTO PEOPLE YOU SHOULDN’T! This was such a big lesson for me last year. But seriously. At first it may seem a little quiet but life will be a lot less violate and you will make so much more room for the things that matter to you.

Get your Money Right

  • Sign up for Mint to learn how your spending your money and start making budgets. Im thinking of putting a post together all about how I save money and budget. Let me know if you’d like to hear more!

  • Sign up for Digit to help you save up for some small items, a rainy day fund or big items! I love it because it sets aside money without you even noticing!

  • Sign up for Ebates ($10 when you sign up) and Honey ($5 when you sign up) to make cash back on your online purchases

  • Or switch to using cash for items so you have a better hand on your money!

  • Reassess any bills you have, and subscription services. Do you need all of them? Any way you can cut down on any of them? This mindset and process sets you up for the whole year!

Find Your Morning & Night Routine

  • I believe that getting a routine you truly enjoy helps you to start and end your day right.

  • Morning Ideas: Getting some coffee, setting aside things to do you normally don’t have time to, work out, organize, check off some emails, write journals or lists, meditate.

  • Night Ideas: Get a good skincare routine, journal, meditate, read a book, have some tea

Start one healthy habit! Whether its writing, meditating, working out, eating better, or just moving your body in a good way. Do something good for yourself, but don’t take on the world. In order to really be consistent and feel good about a new habit, you need to be successful. Taking too much on at once can be overwhelming and discouraging.

Quit one bad one! Again I think starting off small will mean a big impact. I also believe that quitting something bad is just as important as starting something good!

If there’s anything else you do for the New Year, I’d love to hear about it! I’m all about fresh starts and new beginnings!