Music Monday: VNYL Review

Happy Monday Everyone! So its no surprise that I love music, but I have also recently fell in love with vinyl.  H for our anniversary got us a record player and it's amazing.  I love coming home from a long day of work and putting it on. I have been looking to expand our collection and I came across VNYL.  They are a monthly subscription box for vinyl based on your taste. If you email me I can give you $10 off if you want!

How it works is you can select from different plans, 1 or 3 records a month. We selected 3 because it is cheaper to get the vinyls this way than individually buy them.  Vnyl carters to your taste by using your spotify and then you choose a vibe.  There were many different vibes like #ladyloving #edsheeran #soulmates or #wildandfree.  I do have to say they lean pretty alternative.  I chose #wildandfree which featured Atlas Genius, Smallpools, and Young the Giant.  Some of my favorite bands.  

I got exactly these albums and Im excited about it! It will be interesting to see the vibes next month because #wildandfree was a new one that popped up and I wasn't a huge fan of the other vibes.  A good thing is you can pause your subscription if you don't like the vibes. I will also be interested to see if there will be any surprises in the future! 

Here are the albums I got and remember if you want $10 to email me!