Updated: 25 by 25

Welcome friends! So a while I wrote a list of 25 things I wanted to do before my 25th.  And since Im 6 months away from 25 (AH), I thought I'd update you! (Bolded means I have completed the task!)

  1. Take a cooking class - (Side note these are expensive!)
  2. Go to a museum in Cincinnati
  3. Cut my hair drastically - Change is good right? Cut 5 inches off! 
  4. Spontaneous 3 day weekend trip - Hocking Hills, and Columbus not super exciting but hey! Its something
  5. Learn to invest my money
  6. Advance my career - Received a raise and a promotion! 
  7. Adopt a dog -* this cant happen till 2018 die to my lease :(
  8. Read 25 Books ('My Husbands Secret', Whisper Beach, Girls in White Dresses, Eight Hundred Grapes, After I Do, Chasing Spring, The Last Anniversary)
  9. Take a girls trip
  10. Get a sponsored post, or collaborate on someone else's blog
  11. Go to a new city - Will be going to Morellia for my sisters wedding.
  12. Save up for an expensive purchase
  13. Go horseback riding
  14. Throw pottery (it just always looks so cool)
  15. Redo 80% of my wardrobe Im about 50% and I feel like I should get some credit
  16. Go to a 3 Day concert - Bunbury in Cincinnati!
  17. Own a professional camera
  18. Road trip - Hocking Hills 3 hours away
  19. Make a new best friend (I think friends are so important especially close ones) - Have made a lot of new friends! Best Friends take a while
  20. Complete a 5k (with no walking)
  21. Learn to feel comfortable in my own skin
  22. Take a beach vacation
  23. Do something that scares me
  24. Volunteer
  25. Have more fun and laugh a lot more

Well I think I've made some progress!! And there is still some time, so here's to getting those last things crossed off! What are some items on your bucket list??