Trying a New Fitness Class

Trying a new fitness class soon? I’ve tried a lot of new ones lately to just switch up my routine. And sometimes a new class can be scary. I totally get it, it’s intimidating but you’ve got this! And Here are some of my easy tips that will help you feel more confident!

  1. Don’t be afraid to call the studio! Ask what to expect, what to wear, if you need to bring anything and feel free to tell them this is your first class. They will tell you if its good for a beginner. Its their job to help you out!

  2. Get there early. Don’t be the first, because how else will you stalk what you need for the class like weights and where things are? But this helps you get positioned in the class to where you feel comfortable. Whether it’s the front of the room or far back!

  3. Since you got there early this is the perfect time to stretch it out. They will help you warm up in class but this never hurts to do and its better than just sitting on your mat getting nervous.

  4. Follow someone else’s lead. Watch someone else, you can see where and if they get towels. Or if they got weights and where.

  5. Ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask the front desk where things are and what you need. Thats what they are for!

  6. Bring a friend. If that helps you to know you aren’t alone and someone to make eye contact with it really helps! It won’t be so scary if you aren’t alone.

  7. Bring water. Always a good idea you may not need during the class but it’s important to stay hydrated.

  8. In this same note, make sure you ate and aren’t dehydrated for class. I went to a heat class at 6 am when I woke up at 530. I hadn’t have enough water or anything to eat and I had to leave the class early. It wasn’t fun but I didn’t properly prepare my body for the class and now I know!

  9. Wear a cute outfit and buy a cute mat. Not sure if it’s just me but if I love my workout outfit then I feel a lot more confident. I’ve added some of my favorite items at the bottom of this post!

  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY .. BE CONFIDENT! You are taking time out of you busy schedule to do something good for you body. Don’t be harsh on yourself it’s going to be you first class and you’ll improve so much. So don’t compare yourself to other people in the class thats not who you are competing with. Pat yourself on the back, seriously its a big deal!

I hope these help and if you aren trying a new class soon tell me in the comments below! I will be thinking of you and with you in spirit. You got this!