Robin Roberts at the Pink Ribbon Luncheon

Today, I had the pleasure of attending the Pink Ribbon Luncheon in Cincinnati with my work.  The guest speaker was Robin Roberts, who if you don't know is a Good Morning America anchor who has survived Breast Cancer and MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome).  She was an amazing speaker and extremely inspiring.  Although the ceremony was geared towards breast cancer and battling the terrible disease, there were a few take-a-ways I had that I believe were applicable to every day life.  This may be a more serious post, but I found it important to share these thoughts with everyone as a friendly reminder you are not alone, in anything.

"Your Mess is Your Message" & "I didn't go through what I went through just to hang out"

I know for myself when I am going through something challenging I often turn in and don't let the outside world in.  But Robin spoke about how so many people go through similar things all the time and that there is a reason we go through the "mess". We are meant to share it.  We will not only help others but we will ultimately help ourselves. The second quote is pointing out that we don't go through the tough things we do to just hang out after. We go through them to become better, learn and grow.  And hopefully to impact others in a positive way.

"Change the way you think to change the feel"

This is something that really hit home to me.  I love the quote from Albert Einstein, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result".  If you are in a negative space you can't expect your circumstance to change if you don't.  I have always worked really hard for the things I've wanted, but its more than that. It's about your attitude and every day thoughts.

"Everyone is a little bit stronger than they think they are" & " We aren't survivors we are thrivers"

This is just a friendly reminder, if you're going through something just keep going.  I know I have been hit with a few unexpected things in my life and I literally thought it was the end of the world.  But here I am writing to all of you, letting you know you are much stronger than you know. 

When you go through something, especially breast cancer, you're fighting every day.  You didn't just make it through, you thrived.  You are better for it on the other side.

My thoughts and prayers are with anyone battling and affect by cancer, and remember, you are never alone.