Thank You Notes After Job Interviews

Most business professionals and almost all business classes will tell you after attending an interview to write a thank you note.  I remember my dad saying "Did you write a thank you note, and emphasize why you're the right fit?" and I would roll my eyes and say "I sure did", when I didn't (sorry Dad).  I would sometimes write a quick note if I liked the company saying thank you for meeting with me, but half the time I didn't get a response and I thought why bother?

Ah, being a recruiter on the other side I'll tell you why.  No one else does it! It sets you apart so much. It's okay that the company may glance over it or not respond, but it really speaks volumes.  I would also recommended writing a thank you note after any networking meeting. I have a few tips I've learned along the way on how to write a pretty decent thank you note.  (I won't say great because I am sure I have room for improvement)

  • Ask HR (or whoever you've been in contact with) for the interviewer's email:

    • Most of the time the interviewers don't have a business card on them to give you their email, or you may forget with everything going on.  And that's okay.  Just email the point of contact you have at the company and say you'd like to send thank you notes along, and if you could get their emails.  I've never had anyone say no, but if they do for some reason just ask them to send the message along.  This also helps if you have any follow up questions, like timeline, or next steps you should take.

  • Thank your point of contact:

    • You know that person you just emailed for information, they did a lot of work too!  Make sure you thank them as well.  I rarely got a thank you note as a recruiter. One, its just a nice thing to do.  Two, you never know how much pull that person may have in the interviewing process and if they have any say on whether or not you'll get the job. You'll want to make a good impression with them as well.

  • Spelling:

    • So this may seem silly, but spelling is so important; not only in your note but specifically with names. I can not tell you the amount of times people have spelled my name wrong. It not only is at the bottom of the email I have just sent but also in my email address.  It just puts a bad taste in the recruiters mouth and also shows you haven't taken the time to double check your work. Frankly, it just appears that you don’t care. This goes for any communication you have with the company in general.

  • Connect with the person:

    • Something that really stands out when sending a thank you note is saying something in your interview/networking that you felt the interviewer really connected with or was looking for.  If the person is interviewing all day this can help them to remember who you are and what you talked about.

  • Send it the same day:

    • Sending a thank you note the same day is really impactful, it helps to solidify your interview and the more time passes the less impact it has.

A thank you note does not have to be long, it can be about 3-4 sentences, but they are still very important.

Check out these awesome printable templates to help make your thank you note stand out even more!