Advice for Working at Home

So for my day job and for the blog, I do a lot of work at home, which is great a terrible at the same time.  Pro - Always having a messy bun and sweatpants.  Con - Living in my work space.  

So I've come up with a few tips that  I have learned along a the way that can hopefully help you if you work from home as well! 

  1. Morning Routine - Figure out your routine, whether its; journaling, making breakfast, showering, working out.  Try to get into a routine similar to what you would do if you went into work.  This helps to get your mind ready to work and adds consistency to your day.  Something that sometimes can lack when working from home.  
  2. Set Hours - [According to when works for you] If you are a morning person maybe you want your house from 8-5, if you're a night owl maybe something more 11-8 works.  Find something for you but its important to not work outside of those hours.  Its hard when you work from home to feel like you're constantly on the clock but leaving work in those hours really helps! 
  3. Prioritize to do list - Writing a to-do list helps my day to be so much more productive.  I also put notes on the list like what NEEDS to be done verses what I WANT.  I wrote a post about productivity that you can check out here
  4. Make a space - I have a desk that I work at but I know I write for my blog best in my reading corner.  It's nice for me to separate the spaces so that I know when Im in that space its for a certain thing.  Its hard if I work on the couch to not relax like always and get tired. 
  5. Clean work space - A clean space just really helps me to not have a cluttered mind so I take 5 minutes to clean it off before I get started.
  6. Try not to get distracted - Sometimes when we work from home our family or roommates think we are accessible.  Its important to say you are working now and not to be bothered.
  7. Go for walks - Being inside all day can be draining and make you stir crazy.  Going on walks is really important and if it's a crappy day just eating lunch in a different room works too.
  8. Get ready or Dont ? - Some people work better when they get ready for the day just like going into an office.  I need to be in sweatpants.  But there is something to be said for getting up and showering just to start your day and have some routine. 
  9. Plan snacks and meals like you would for work - This makes the day much easier and helps me from over eating.  Working from home means you have access to all your food so I try to plan ahead so I don't munch all day. 
  10. Always have water near by - I think this just helps me to be much more productive, especially because I get headaches so easily when I am dehydrated! 
  11. Comfy chair - My chair currently sucks and it makes it hard to work all day long without needing to move in some way. So I steal H's usually. 
  12. Playlist - I like a chill playlist but ones that I can bob my head to. It helps me to be productive.  I have shared mine below and an instramental one as well! 

I hope some of these tips help! Do you have any for me? I'd love to hear them! 

Exercising at Home: Youtube

Hey guys, so I haven't been doing as great as I would like to on the working out front.  But I have been making time for it and I think that is something that should be rewarded! I love working out in my apartment because then I don't feel judged, and I can take my time.  Be sure to check out my post too about the equipment I use. So usually I follow Youtube videos on my computer and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you and why I love them.

Tone it Up:

I follow their program the most and these girls are awesome.  They really know how to work you out but are positive and keep you motivated.  I would highly recommend them! Especially following their daily/weekly program, here.

Yoga with Adrienne 

I love Adriene, I find her so soothing and she really helps me to move through the poses and feel like I'm apart of something.  She can be a silly and that makes the practice nicer.  Her voice is the perfect yoga teacher voice.  Her videos are AMAZING and you can find anything that you're looking for.

Bad Yogi

This is my back up if for some reason Im not feeling Adriene and again there are a ton of videos whatever you're looking for, she's got it! 


I love Blogilates because so many of them are cardio/super upbeat.  She also has videos that say for your apartment or no jumping which is my problem with some of the Tone it up videos. 

Fitness Blender

Okay Fitness Blender is great because of their timer, and telling you how many calories you burn.  I find their videos very informative and thats something I really like.  They have targeted videos as well as longer ones like these! 

Zumba videos

Zumba is a great workout, I couldn't find an exact youtube channel but I found a good work out.  I wish they were able to put a little bit more pop in but either way its a great workout and you burn so many calories!

Please share with me your favorite videos, I'd love to check them out! Isn't Youtube great?!