Wedding Tips & Tools!

Oh, the joys of wedding planning! Henry and I have had a longer engagement due to when our venue was available, which has been a blessing and a curse at the same time! All this waiting lets you second guess every decision but it also allows you to do your research.

With this whole wedding planning, I have found some tools or helpful hints that I wanted to share with you whether you're in the process, or it's your turn soon.

I'm sure other brides could help chime in on this post and help us all out! 

1 - The Knot: Of course this site has a lot of different things that you could need.  Help with guest list, so many advice blogs, websites and a budget.  My favorite thing I use them for is the budget.  First, you set your budget and it automatically fills in the rest.  You can add your vendors and the price.  I think this is the best tool for the budget.  There is also the wedding wire but I found The Knot to be more accurate. 
2 - Zola: When you go to register some of the stores will have to tell you based on your guest how many gifts you should have in different price breakouts.  For example 10 in $50 and under 20 in $100 range and 20 $100 +.  ( I totally made that up please don't listen to that!) But its really helpful to make sure that you have enough for showers and the wedding.  And since I'm cheap I keep putting way too much in the $50 and under so it helps to keep me in check.
3 - Crate & Barrel: Speaking of registry Crate & Barrel does this really awesome thing where they host events before the store even opens and its just for engaged couples creating their registry.  When we went the employees were so helpful.  They didn't bother you but they also help us with setting a table and really visualizing this.  I liked how hands-off they were because you didn't feel pressured but they were ready to jump in and were so informative. 
4 - Your Vendors: If you have any questions or are thinking about certain ideas, ask your vendors! They are the pros and can help you with making your vision come alive as seamlessly as possible! 
5 - Wedding planner 101: My friend and day of planner Heidi of 44th & Luxe Events has a great blog on her website that is filled with tips.  I love these Wednesday post because I save them and use the tips for when it applies to something I'm working on.
6. Tip Tuesday: A wedding photographer in my creative group Amanda Donaho Photography has a great Instagram story where on Tuesday she shares a tip and really explains it.  I feel like sometimes people give you tips but they don't explain why so sometimes the advice seems useless.  one of my favorite tips recently is about placing some tape at the altar so that you are centered for photos! I've made a mental note and will for sure use that! Here's her Instagram.
7. Addressing Save The Dates: So we used Minted for our save the dates and there are awesome calligraphers out there don't get me wrong.  But I liked the Minted for a more modern look and if you got a 5x7 save the date they addressed the envelopes for you!! This was such a time/money saver.  And it made the envelopes look so nice and professional!

We also got this stamp made for our return address, which also helped but I will say I had trouble with the ink drying. 

For the timeline, I used The Knot but I really found it not helpful.  for example, we got engaged in April and our wedding is in this coming November.  The Knot told us to get engaged in August, umm well that already happened that why I'm here! Some of the vendors I wanted I booked right away because I knew I wanted them.  If I follow The Knot I wouldn't have booked them for months and they could have been taken.

So I believe if you have something in mind GO FOR IT! And The Knot can help with other things.

THE HONEYMOON - YAY! So Henry and I haven't had much practice planning vacations we have always done really quick trips so planning a vacation from scratch is a little overwhelming for us and one thing that really helped was going to AAA and talking to a travel agent.  They had a lot of helpful information and helped steer us in the right direction.  Also if we book with them they will help save us a lot of money! 

I hope some of these were helpful, I of course browser on Pinterest a lot and read a lot of blogs.  The closer I get to the date the more information Im sure I will have to share! 

Wedding Update

I can't believe its been 6 months since we got engaged, and only 13 months until we get married! Thats crazy! Well I wanted to give you guys an update on how it is going.  I may have gone a little crazy the first week when we got married and book a lot of things but I have to say I did take the summer off.  My oldest sister got married Labor Day, so I wanted to make sure that all the focus was on her, but now that were are almost a year out I need to get some stuff done!

Now Im going to keep a few things a secret so that when I get married its a surprised but I'll share some things! 

I booked our venue as soon as we got engaged because its in high demand but its a fun brewery here in town pretty well known in Cincinnati. I loved it for the rustic brick look it had, all while meaning something special to us. 

Florist - Check out Katie Bloom's cause this girl is AMAZING! Im obsessed with her work and I can't wait for her to do our wedding. 

Photographer - David is the bomb, Henry got him for our engagement and I love that he captured that special moment! He's so good at what he does and really helps to make us feel comfortable! We are getting our official engagement photos done soon and it will be do fun! 

Videographer- At first I was totally against the idea but now Im sorta obsessed.  To be able to relive that day or share it with people that couldnt be there will be awesome.  But I also viewed it as our first family video.  I can't wait to be able to relive that day that meant so much, and we spent so much time on.  I also can't wait to show our kids it someday. Thats what really got me.  Check out our guy Mat, Im obsessed with his work.

So what Im currently working on is, our caterers, hotel blocks, officiant and either a band/dj!

If you guys have any advice send it my way! One of the best advice I've gotten so far is to pick something seperately thats important to you and together something thats important and go over budget on that if you need to.  To me it was the florist, for Henry it was the photographer and to us it was the venue. Even though they were pricey, they were important to us and I dont think I will regret giving them extra and trimming on some other stuff.