Giving Back for the Holidays!

So it's a pretty dumb idea 15 days before Christmas to decide to tackle decluttering your entire apartment. But that's exactly what I did ha.  We will be moving in the spring sometime and I really wanted to make sure we weren't packing up and moving things we didn't need and just throwing it out there. 

I got to thinking about the holiday's though and I decided I really wanted to declutter and donate a lot of the things I didn't need to people that did.  I think it's really important to remember the holidays are about giving back and helping those in need.  Not just focusing on presents. Of course, people in need, need things at all times but this just felt like good timing. So I wanted to share what I did and where I donated things! 

I pulled everything out  from my closet and looked at it thinking:

  • Would I really wear it again? 
  • Where would I wear it again?
  • Have I worn it in the past year and a half?
  • Does it fit well?
  • Do I feel confident in it?
  • If I was saving it for something special, would I just want to buy something new at that time? i.e. a dress as a wedding guest, when that time came around would I really just want to buy a new one?

If I couldn't say I KNEW I would wear it soon or it was a staple, I pitched it.  I try to get rid of things monthly. But I really deep cleaned this time.  Heres where things went:

Plato's Closet & Clothes Mentor: I did try to get some cash for my items, I may have gone to a few different stores but after the items that were left over, I donated.

I gave the rest to St Vicent Depauls or Goodwill. 

Kenzie Closets: This is a Cincinnati thing and I'm not sure if it's elsewhere but its a place that takes old prom dress (bridesmaid dresses) and gives it to girls who need prom dresses.

H&M: They take items that have stains, are ripped and things you can't really give elsewhere because they recycle them.  And you get 15% off a purchase, it's awesome!

TIP: If you leave a box in your closet and add things to in each month of items you no longer like, or no longer fit properly you add it.  And you can donate each month!

Here's where I went for other things:

SPCA: The animal shelter will take your old towels and blankets and use it in their kennels (I LOVED this idea). You could go to any old shelter

Best Buy: They recycle old electronics and get rid of wires properly!

Target: Trade-in electronics and they will give you a target gift card for old gift cards you don't use.  You may only get about 80% of the gift card but hey I got to target way more than the other places

Half Priced Books:  They give you money for books, magazines, cd's, tapes and vinyl.  And even if they can't give you money for it they properly recycle them.  (I gave all my textbooks here after college too that I couldn't sell back)  You can also look to Amazon for this, but I found that process too lengthy.

Women's Shelther: I gave make up I didnt use regularly to a womens shelter.  But first, I went through every item and ditched the things that were expried cause its really not great for yours kin.

I hope this post helped you if you ever want to declutter! Do you have any tips?!

Remember to recycle when you can!