Music Monday: Vol 7

Another Monday more music! I hope you enjoying these post, and please tell me your favorites love expanding my playlist!

New Releases:

Brand New is one of my top 10 favorite bands and they always try something new on their albums.  I was happily surprised with this song still has the Brand New base with a twist.  It's on repeat for me!

I really likeThe Ready Set and I thought this remix was on point. I love the melding of two different genres to create something new.  If you know of any songs like this please send them my way!

I just discovered this band last weekend and I was really digging this song, its right up my alley.

I was really surprised that is was Adele and so happy.  I love the beat and faster pace.  And yet its still Adele, what isn't there to love! 


Im going to see Twenty One Pilots in a week so I was revisiting their old music and this is just one song that really speaks to me.  It helped me in a rough time and always brings me a calmness.  I love Twenty One Pilots their sound is so unique.

Thank god for my one my BFF Brian because he introduced me to Smallpools and I am in love with all their music!  I would highly check out their whole album.  I have seen them 3 times in concert now and they are even better live! Can't rave enough about them!

Short and Sweet this week but I hope you enjoy! I will be doing a revamp of all the playlist this weekend so keep a look out for that!