Review: ThredUp

Hey guys! So I have recently used the site ThredUp and I wanted to let you know about my experience.  I have a $10 off coupon here if you'd like to use! If you haven't used it before it is like Plato's Closet, where you can sell your gentle used clothes and get money from them. Here are some of the differences between selling at  Plato's Closet vs ThredUp:

Plato's Closet - 

  • A physical store you go to
  • Takes Men's and Women's Clothes
  • Gives you back your clothes they don't buy
  • Takes about 20-2 hrs depending on how busy you are

ThredUp - 

  • An Online Store
  • Takes Women's and Children's clothes
  • Donates the clothes it doesn't buy
  • Takes a few weeks

One of the reason's I wanted to use ThredUp is the convenience, they send you a bag in the mail for you to fill (its about the size of a large laundry bag) and pay for the shipping. 

I requested my bag and received it about a week later, I filled it up with clothes, received an email a week after saying my bag was received.  The email also said that it would take about 2 1/2 weeks to process my order.  I was then told my bag was worth $22 upfront.  I was able to cash that out 14 days after (Im a little confused still as to why it took 14 days) to a paypal account. There's good and bad to both stores.  At Plato's closet since they give a lot of clothes back I was able to go to other stores and try to sell them again (which they would buy) and make some more money.  This is of course super time consuming with driving all over the place.  But I also like the ThredUp is convenient and donates the clothes they don't take. I tried to sell about 20 items and they took 12 which is better than my luck at Plato's closet.  I think I will for sure use them again the next time I do a large purge on my closet, (see my system of how I purge) but its unfortunate that I can't combine H's clothes and sell them as well.

As for ThredUp clothing selection is awesome though if you want to buy from which I highly recommend!