My Morning Routine

Let's be real guys, this is not my every morning.  This is very few and far between but this is my ideal morning routine. And I'm hoping to make it a new normal for me because I feel like waking up early in the morning is so worth it in the long run.  Its the time I get to myself where nothing is scheduled with the world and I can do what my mind and body need. 

Work out - I have been doing the Boss Body program lately, but I feel like its a little hard to keep up with so I either do some Yoga with Adrienne Videos, Tone it Up videos or just do whatever my body is feeling. 

Journal - I like journaling in the morning so that I can just write everything that's on my mind and all the to-do's that linger.  It helps me to prioritize and mentally prepare for the day! 

granola my morning routine

Coffee - I love to start my day with some coffee.  And here's a secret, I usually am drinking decaf! I dont want to get reliant on caffeine and I read caffeine doesn't help people with anxiety.  My favorite coffee is a vanilla latte with skim milk but Im a big tea drinker as well.  I've been trying to drink more water when I wake up so thats a new challenge I've set for myself! 

Favorite breakfasts - I love some homemade granola, yogurt, and berries. Or these egg muffins are awesome and super filling.  Usually, I just have some oatmeal when I get to work since its simple and filling.  (Links to some of my favorite recipes)

Things I try not to do:

Lay in bed - This just usually makes me more tired, and I feel less productive, its okay to take 5 minutes but more than 10 and its back to bed for me. 

Look at my phone - Im trying to just take an hour to wake up and not have the outside world affect my day.  I can tell that makes a big difference rather than look at the news first thing or Instagram.  I just find it never puts me in a good space. 

When I do read the news, I love reading The Skimm, its a short email on work days and it just a super easy way to digest some things that I feel like can be over my head. And they are funny! 

The skimm morning news review and sign up

How do you start your morning?! I'd love to hear from you and some tips you've gathered along the way!