Tasty Cookbook Review

You know all those recipe videos you see on your Facebook feed ALL the time? Well I got a cookbook of it! I had to! I LOVE cooking, I meal plan about 3 meals for H and I every week.  And I usually don't repeat recipes, I'm crazy I know.  But I loved the tasty recipes and I'm try to collect some cookbooks rather than go on Pinterest every week. 

tasty cookbook review

You can find the Tasty cookbook here. It's cook because you get to pick 7 things you'd like to recipes to so for example we picked: 

  • One Pot Wonders
  • 5 Items or Less
  • Vegetarian Meals
  • Pastas and Bakes
  • Salads and Sides
  • Light Meals
  • Best Desserts Ever

First Impressions: I thought it was really cool, I  liked the recipes they seemed easy to make. The recipes weren't something I usually made but they looked good. They are laid out nicely and pretty much have step by step photos.

After the excitement wore off: I was sort of disappointed.  Most of the meals aren't very healthy and I try to cook as healthy as I can.  I also felt like the coped out, for example in the vegetarian section there was pancakes.  I think everyone knows pancakes are vegetarian.  I was looking for meal substitutes but oh well. There are only about 5 recipes per section.

The section I liked the most: Side's and Salads.  This was my favorite because there were recipes like Healthy Chickpea & Black Bean Salad, Grilled Veggie & Steak Salad.

The section I liked the least: Vegetarian Meals.  When I selected this section I was thinking it would be meals thats full of veggies.  But there were things like pancakes, I've never seen a non-vegetarian pancake. So needless to say I felt slighted.

My recommendation:  I wouldn't get it, if I were you I'd just pick recipes you like off of their facebook.  This book is pretty small and not sturdy.  So unless you're showing it off it's not a great cookbook for the shelf.  Just not worth it in my opinion when you can get their recipes for free. I may invest in a Goodful cookbook (their healthier version of Tasty) but even so the recipes aren't consistent and I can get it online.