Peach Perfect Foundation Review

Hey make up lovers, I hope that you're having a great day! So I purchased the Peach Perfect foundation and have been using it for a few months so I wanted to give you a review on what I thought and if I would purchase it.

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First off the price is $36 and the you get 1.6 FL OZ. I will say right off the bat the color selection is terrible for people with darker skin.

Peach Perfect Foundation Review

PRICE: At first I thought it was really pricey but then I realized I pay more for the Estee Lauder Double Wear and I get less product! So then I felt better!

PACKAGING: I love the that its a pump, it can get a little messy but I dont mind it.  I haven't gotten to the end yet so it will be interesting to see how hard it is to get product at the very end.

FORMULA: I love the formula, its very smooth and blends on nicely but I will say this is not a full coverage foundation in my mind and I think it really stays at medium coverage.  If I have some blemishes, it doesn't cover up the redness and is hard to cover will adding more foundation.  I usually have to go in with concealer.

SMELL: Yeah, other products I wouldn't even call our the smell but on this one I have to. Too Faced often has a smell to some of their products. I have their too faced peach palette and thats nice, it has a touch of peach but isn't over powering.  With the foundation it is wayyy to over powering.  It is a really strong smell, and although I feel like I have gotten use to it, if I go back to it after using it, its really strong all over again! 

WEAR: I love this foundation because it is matte but you by not means look flat, there is still dimension and it doesn't just stick to your face.  It does okay on dry spots too.  But I wore this foundation to have something on my face when we flew to hawaii.  And after 20 hours of traveling, I wasn't too oily (which Im usually super oily) and some of the product had worn away but really not much.  I was shocked. I think it wear really nicely through out the day and is great for oily skin! 

It just doesn't give full coverage which Im use to with matte foundation.  But I would say the reason I grad for this over my other foundations is because it is less heavy and I feel like my skin can breathe better. 

Would I buy it again? Absolutely, I plan on it! But I do hope that the scent calms down a little.

Here is the full collection, I do have my eye on the primer next. 

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