Favorite Hair Products

I feel like as Im getting older Im trying to take much better care of my hair.  Fun fact, I have "virgin" hair as stylist like to call it.  Meaning its all natural and not dyed at all! So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items to keep it healthy and strong. and of course most of these products are really affordable!

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for cash back and coupons! Honey is a great back up when Ebates doesn't work on the site.

A little bit about my hair, its super fine but I have a good amount of it.  Its pretty straight and gets oily easily.  Just so you know when I recommend my favorites! 

Shampoo & Conditioner - I really like the sulfate free, because I have oily hair and this way there's less build up on my hair.  This shampoo and conditioner is biodegradable, meaning it doesn't fill up landfills! These smell really good too and aren't overpowering.

Put in after a shower - Sometimes I put this in after the shower since it has so many different things it does just to help my hair overall! 

Dry Shampoo - I have a high end and low end option.  I don't like the white cast, but it is nice to see where the dry shampoo is going.  These are the two I can stand.  I don't like the scented ones and the ones for blonde just turn my hair a gross yellow

Heat Protectant - Im learning more and more how important this it.  I have been putting more heat on my hair with blow drying it in the winter and using heat protectant allows more time inbetween hair cuts.  Here is the high end and the low end

Sea Salt Spray - This is great for when I curl my hair and I dont want my hair to become one big wave. It doesn't make my hair feel gross like I was worried about and you don't need much. 

Curling Irons - I like this one for more waves.  I have found that a 1 1/4 inch curling iron is the best for getting some curls but not having my hair curly! And the wave keeps, usually my ahir falls so quickly but I've had no trouble with that wand. The nume is great for curls they work so well. Nume may seem like they have a heavy price tag but in my experience they have a lot of sales so dont worry! I also like hte wands for the beachy look.  I have trouble with the clamps and getting lines in my hair to be honest haha.

Lightening Spray - Sometimes I spray a little of this lightening spray when Im out in the sun to speed up the process.  But be careful one summer in college I went overboard and my whole head just turned VERY light, it didn't look natural so I'd use it sparingly. 

Hair Masks - I dont do hair mask too much but it my hair needs a little bit more moisture this is what I tend to use

Here are all the products Ive mentioned! 

Another thing I will say that really helps my hair is that I don't put a lot of heat on it and I think that keeps it really healthy.  And one I do notice split ends I go and get a trim to help it stay healthy! So tell me! What are some of your favorate products?

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Review: ThredUp

Hey guys! So I have recently used the site ThredUp and I wanted to let you know about my experience.  I have a $10 off coupon here if you'd like to use! If you haven't used it before it is like Plato's Closet, where you can sell your gentle used clothes and get money from them. Here are some of the differences between selling at  Plato's Closet vs ThredUp:

Plato's Closet - 

  • A physical store you go to
  • Takes Men's and Women's Clothes
  • Gives you back your clothes they don't buy
  • Takes about 20-2 hrs depending on how busy you are

ThredUp - 

  • An Online Store
  • Takes Women's and Children's clothes
  • Donates the clothes it doesn't buy
  • Takes a few weeks

One of the reason's I wanted to use ThredUp is the convenience, they send you a bag in the mail for you to fill (its about the size of a large laundry bag) and pay for the shipping. 

I requested my bag and received it about a week later, I filled it up with clothes, received an email a week after saying my bag was received.  The email also said that it would take about 2 1/2 weeks to process my order.  I was then told my bag was worth $22 upfront.  I was able to cash that out 14 days after (Im a little confused still as to why it took 14 days) to a paypal account. There's good and bad to both stores.  At Plato's closet since they give a lot of clothes back I was able to go to other stores and try to sell them again (which they would buy) and make some more money.  This is of course super time consuming with driving all over the place.  But I also like the ThredUp is convenient and donates the clothes they don't take. I tried to sell about 20 items and they took 12 which is better than my luck at Plato's closet.  I think I will for sure use them again the next time I do a large purge on my closet, (see my system of how I purge) but its unfortunate that I can't combine H's clothes and sell them as well.

As for ThredUp clothing selection is awesome though if you want to buy from which I highly recommend! 


Apartment Series 3: Quick ways to make your place your own

Here is the last post in the Apartment Series. This post is all about our three quick tips to make an apartment you're own.  You finally have the apartment you want, so here is how to transform it quickly. Comment below and let us know you're favorite part of the series! We may just even post some pictures of our decor and little accessories that we got to set our apartment apart from our friends!

First Three things to make it yours:

My Tips:

1. Make your bed. Now this may seem silly, but there is nothing that makes a place feel like home quite like laying down in clean sheets after moving all day.  It is also one of the quickest ways to make your room look put together!

2. Get out your décor.  Little touches like our pillows, candles and cool lamps transformed our place so fast.  Its really made it our own.  Of course things have moved already into a “better” spot, but still just getting things out makes the apartment feel a lot less empty.

3. Put things on the wall. Whether you have tan walls (hotel feel) or white (panic room), putting things on the walls makes everything feel so much more homey.  It makes it feel like you didn’t just move and really makes it your own. So I would come prepared with things you know you want to hang! This makes it much easier! Make sure you measure, level and plan it out or else you could have crooked paintings that look out of place!

Alix's Tips:

1. Hang up those pictures this isn’t a frat house. Coming from a family with an ex-photographer for a dad, pictures have always been a big thing in my life. I love taking and displaying them so I wanted a prominent gallery wall in my apartment. On one of the first days of living in my new apartment I decided what pictures I wanted and where and just did it. One of the huge pluses of a gallery wall is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. It made my blank walls feel less sterile and made this place feel like mine. Being able to walk in and see my family, friends, dogs, and places I’ve been on my walls made me happy and made it feel homey.

2. Organize that terrible mess of a closet. Every time you walk in there you see all of your clothes in a heap on the floor. It's not a pleasant sight. Just take an hour and organize it and it will make your place feel much more organized in no time. If the rest of your room is organized your closet will just sit there and haunt you every time you have to get dressed. Just do it and you can thank me later.

3. Invite your friends over. Nothing makes a new apartment feel like home quite like having your friends and family over. Show off your new domestic skills, or your ability to pick up the phone and call for pizza. Beginning to make memories in your new home is the best, and most fun way to really get used to living in your new place. Who knows, you may get a few bottles of wine out of the housewarming.

We hope you enjoyed this three part Apartment Series! If you missed the first two posts you can check them out here! If you'd like to see more posts like this let me know in the comments below or shoot me a quick note

My Go-To Holiday Dresses

To me the holidays are a special time with lights, love, and crisp air.  There are always holiday parties to attend and it’s the perfect occasion to add some sparkle to your outfit or go a little more daring than usual.  I have picked some of my favorite holiday dresses for the season below and where you can find them! I’d love to hear your favorites and thoughts!

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for money back and Honey for automatic coupons


From Nordstrom $78 - This dress to me is very sophisticated with its sparkle without being over the top. I love the aztec and glitter, it’s festive and different for the holidays. Sophisticated glitter dress with an aztec feel, more of a classier event but still fun and festive, Black and gold

From Francesca's:

Navy & Silver $54 -  This dress is a cool navy and silver. It’s fun and flirty, it has less shape than the others but may be better for certain body types over others.

Christmas Red $48 - To me this is the perfect Christmas Party red dress.  It’s appropriate for a work function but has a little flare.  I love it! 


From Dainty Hooligan $42.50 - This dress is a little more simple, and not as “loud” as others.  Perfect for the girl who is looking for something more classic and timeless. It’s available in blue and red!

Forever 21:

Forever 21 is one of my favorite places to get a dress because sometimes I don’t want to go all out for a dress I may only wear once.

Classy black lace $27.90 - Christmas dresses don’t always have to be sparkly, so here is a beautiful classy black lace dress for less than $30.

Deep V $37.90 - I love this dress for something more risque it’s a low v, with some coverage. The perfect item to push the envelope and go all out for New Year’s Eve.


From Lulu’s $98 -  Perfect all sequin dress $98 Lastly, here is the perfect all sequin dress you’ve been looking to get your hands on.  I love Lulu’s dresses. They are made nicely and there are usually sales that you can take advantage of so don’t let the price scare you away! I just love the shape of this dress too!

Other places I like are Tobi, Nasty Gal, Rent the Runway is always a great place as well! Let me know your favorite places in the comments below. I love online shopping!

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Interview Outfits on a Budget

Hey guys! Hope you're having a great Thursday.  SO I am by no means a fashion guru, (although I am trying to up my game) but one thing I do know about is getting interview outfits on a budget.  But have no fear, I have learned a few things along the way that will hopefully help!

When I was interviewing, I was lucky enough to go to a few company's that were a lot more casual. That being said though, always go into an interview a little more dressed up than you think you should be!  You can always adjust if you make it through more rounds and go back. It can be difficult though because some agencies are old school and dress very nice where others are in sweats.  PSA: NEVER interview in your sweats, unless it's a phone interview then definitely wear sweats.

One thing I did find a little helpful, is stalking social media sites.  May seem weird but sometimes they have company outing pictures and it can give you a sense of the atmosphere. 

I also really really love dresses for interviews.  You can dress it up or down easily by wearing flats or heels, adding a blazer or jewelry. I believe the key is to have 3-5 solid outfits.  You don't need too many because you'll usually go to a company three times, and they won't know if you wore the same outfit somewhere else. What I have that I've gotten the most wear out of is: a good neutral flat/black heels, two dresses, a few shirts, a blazer, dress pants and a full suit.  I really believe if you can save up or ask for a nice well fitted suit as a present it will pay for it's self time and time again.  You can use the blazer to dress up any outfit, or use the pencil skirt/pants to mix and match with multiple shirts.  It's also just a really great idea to have a suit on hand at all times. 

I honestly found a lot of nice shirts & dresses from places like Forever 21 and H&M.  As long as they fit you well and are made of nice looking material, no one will know you spent under $20 on it.  I also found blazers there!  One of the most important things you can do is make sure you have clothes that fit well and are of course ironed.  We all know that first impressions are important.  The price tag of the clothes don't matter as long as the effort is there.

Whatever type of clothes you buy and whatever price tag that comes with it, make sure you are purchasing items that not only you like, but that you feel confident in.  I know whenever I went into an interview, and I had a new dress on that I really liked, it would always put me in the mind set "Yeah, I got this". That emanates and everyone can tell, putting the interview in a really good mood.

What is your advice for interviews?  Let me know if you want to see any of my outfits I have worn!