Music Monday: Vol 16

Hi Guys, coming to you with another Music Monday, did you see my review about Vnyl? A subscription to vinys? I have a coupon code if you want, just email me at and Ill hook you up!

Coming to you this week with a lot of Indie Alt goodness and some pop mixed in!

This is one of my favorite from the new KOL album, I love this lighter version of them. Reminds me of Aha Shake Heartbreak but more pop.


I just thing DNCE is so catchy, and Im so happy that their new song didn't fall flat.  All their music makes me want to dance and sing.  I love it!

I stumbled across this song and it was a breath of fresh air.  Its just some indie pop goodness with a good message.

I feel like Parachute always just falls under the radar but they have a few hidden gems and I think this is one of them.  You just find yourself humming it hours later.

Waters seems to just keep creeping into my playlist, I feel like they are Grouplove's sibling and that's not a bad thing.  


I stumbled across this song again and I just wanted to share it in case it wasn't on your radar.  I feel like its the first song to put 1975 on the map.

What are you favorite songs this week? I'd love to take a listen!

Music Monday: Vol 15

Hey guys, for this Music Monday I wanted to do something a little different  and share some of my favorite playlist on Spotify! I love finding new music this way or just having someone make a playlist for me! Don't forget there are playlist on the site that I have made for you and update frequently! 

This Mellow Work Day is one of my favorites because it is instrumental pop songs.  And I just find this amazing.  You can hum along to songs you know with out it being distracting!

I like Pop Rising because its usually the hits but gets switched out more than other Pop playlist.  I can get sick of songs fast so this keeps things more fresh!

I love this playlist so much because it has a lot of the songs I love but there are also some new ones in there! One of my go to playlist!

This is another playlist I stumbled upon and I really liked! Some of the Indie playlist can be too much for me but this is right up my alley!

A lot of playlist on Spotify are customized based on what you listen to, like Release Radar.  Its a really cool feature they have started! What are some of your favorite songs? I'm getting into more of the acoustic mood lately!

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Music Monday: Vol 14

Hi Guys! Im so excited for this Music Monday because there were so many great new releases! So many of my favorite bands have put out new music and Im excited to share with you.  I will also be updating all playlist this week! 

I really like the BORNS sound but this remix just added a little something different to it and I liked the spin on it.  If you haven't checked out BORNS I would!

Bastille has been putting out a different vibe with this album and this is one I really liked it reminded me of Of the Night which was my favorite.  I love their upbeat sound.

THIS SOUND IS EVERYTHING! I have said before I love Bad Suns but the combination of the riffs, bass and chorus I just can't get enough.  They are such a good bad to blast in your car!!

I was nervous about Andrew McMahonin the Wilderness second album since I really liked the sound of the first one but this was perfect.  I love the sound he's going with. More upbeat than Jack's Manequinn and Something Corporate but still filled with heart.

I think this is my favorite new Grouplove song, not just because of the sound but I have always loved their lyrics.  Especially with this song in particular.  Im excited for the whole album.

KOL really started my whole love of music ad getting into a genre that wasn't mainstream.  I was holding my breathe for this album and its perfect.  I love it so much, I'm so excited for the whole album! 

Miike Snow is strange, but I love him.  He is so unique and it always makes me want to move and dance.  It reminds me of "Baby you got that money don't you worry".  I just love this remix and the weirdness of it all!

Music Monday: Vol 13

Hi Guys, Im super excited about this Music Monday because there is just a large mix of different genres.  I fell like since fall weather is coming soon I am getting back into older music and acoustic songs.  Does that happen with anyone else??

I love more MisterWives!! This sound is definitely different for them, but I love the growth they have had.  And I think they stick to the same fun loving roots!

AHHH! This is everything. I just love acoustic sound like it, I see it being a go to for me in the coming months.  I need to check out more of her music!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tom Odell and his acoustic sound.  I just had to share this stripped down version.

This remix reminds me a little bit of MGMT, I just really like the combination and how everything came together.

Moon Taxi has just always been very fresh to me and I love the new stuff they are coming out with.  Very catchy to me

I have followed Karmin since their Youtube days and I love the funky sound they have come into, I like them better without the rapping parts.

I think I hit repeat on this song for about 2 hours.  Something about it is like a mix of Manchester Orchestra and Band of Horses for some reason. 

This is the first time I have heard this band but I just listened to this song over and over, I love how the progressed reminds me a little bit of a pop version of Oh Wonder.

With the announcement of their a7th album soon I had to share an old Kings of Leon song.  Their first album is what got me into alternative music and its been so cool to see them evolve through the years.

Say anything is one of my all time favorite bands and this album is one of my favorites.  I just love this song and think that this encompasses them really well.  Highly recommend!

What have you been loving? Im goin on a road trip soon so I need music to check out!