Why I write Intentions not Goals

Hey friends! Hope your having a great week.  I wanted to write a post about how recently I have switched from setting goals for the month to setting intentions. 

The first reason is that I feel like my goals or intentions are more of a life style change rather than something quantitative.  I can write out steps to help me achieve a goal but with a goal I feel like there is a finish line.  This isn't what I want for intentions.  

I also just feel like it has more oomph to it.  A little more like a lifestyle change that want to implement every day rather than something to accomplish.

I try to keep these intentions in the back of my mind all the time. I am a little easier on myself when I fail or take a misstep with intentions. I don’t judge myself so harshly which helps me to actually pick myself back up and keep going.

I am hoping that with intentions if I feel like I do fail, instead of starting over just viewing it as a pause.  And then I am hitting play again.

What do you do each month?  Goals or Intentions? I'd love to hear from you!

My Current Favorite Podcast

Hi Guys, so recently have really jumped on the bandwagon of podcasts and I now get why they are such a trend.  It's an easy way to listen to some of your favorite people on a much more personal level and it feels like you are in the room with them.  I love listening to them when I have small tasks or am sick of listening to music.  I also find myself listening to them when I'm working out or walking.  So here it is some of my top podcasts!


Juicy Scoop- This podcast is my all time favorite, it is done by Heather McDonald, a comedian you may remember from Chelsea Lately.  She is hilarious and talks weekly about things going on in the media.

Heather Debrow's World- This is another Heather from the Real Housewives of Orange County.  I will have to warn you that some time the content is very hit or miss. Not one of my favorite but a good filler.

The PHP- This is Perez Hilton's podcast.  And hear me out, I'm not a huge fan of his but he usually has a large scoop on reality things and he has a co-host that balances him really well.  This is only for the reality lovers.


Ladies Lovin' - Remember Laguna Beach or The Hills (the rest is still unwritten) well Lo Bosworth is on a podcast with a group of friends and they usually talk about different relatable topics each week.  And it feels like you're just enjoying coffee with a group of girlfriends.  A new find that I'm really enjoying. 

Self Help:

10% Happier with Dan Harris- I have recently started Dan's book and Im really enjoying it.  He started a podcast thats only about 2 weeks old.  I find the topics interesting so far and super relatable.


Rob Bell- Ah my first podcast love.  I absolutely love anything by Rob Bell. He speaks in a way that really resonates with me and each week his podcast feels like its directed right at me.  Highly recommend.


Modern Love- This is an interesting one. These are personal essay's that are published and read by celebrities.  Then there is a check in at the end of the segment.  Something different and delightful!

What are some of your favorites? I am always looking for new ones! And make sure to like and comment below if you enjoy this type of content!