My March To-Do

Hi friends! So last month I wrote about my February Goals because I decided it was easier to have smaller goals by month rather than a year long resolution.  I also did some thinking and I think viewing this as more of a to-do list rather than goals makes it feel like something I need to cross off my list.  So lets hope this makes me more motivated. 

As an update my "goals" in February where drink more water, replace snacks with healthier items, blog 2-3 times a week and take more time for myself.  Im doing much better drinking water whenever I can, I have replaced my snacks, and although I have a lot of blog ideas I haven't exactly executed on all of them. I also suck at taking time for myself, but I recently got an adult coloring book and MAN is that relaxing.

So as for this month, here is my to-do list:

1. Work out 4x a week- This is just realistic for me rather than 5, I am able to cut myself some slack and not be so hard.  I am hoping that this encourages me and motivates me to stick with it. 

2. Quit Snacking at Night - Oh my gosh I am so bad at this.  I know its really bad to eat at night but I can't help it.  Im trying to eat just a few chocolate squares at night to satisfy my sweet tooth or have a cup of tea to fill me up.  Cutting out this habit I think would be super helpful for me. 

3. Journal Every Other Day - I got this super awesome Mindful Journal at Urban Outfitters and its been a really amazing exercise book.  Again I feel like I give up activities too fast if I don't completely jump in 100%.  So every other day is a good consistent balance for me.  Im excited to get to know myself better. 

4. Explore more of Cincinnati - I realize that I hold up in my apartment a lot of the time and I want adventures this year.  So what better way then to get out and explore.

What are some of the things you want to do? What are your ways of making sure that happens, or how do you set yourself up for success? I'd love to hear!