All the New Stuff on CK!

Hi friends! There is a LOT of new stuff on the blog and I want to make sure you don't miss any of it! Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to stay up to date with me on things! I post to Instagram stories a lot :)


NOTE: NOTHING IN THE SHOP HAS SHIPPING ITS ALL DIGITAL! I got some response on my survey that people haven't bought anything because of shipping in different countries but all my products are digital and get sent to your computer right away!

Of course, there are new 3 Month and 1 month wallpapers here are a few of my favorite! I love the 3 months to stay organized!

Printable Calendars! There are ones that you can fill in or some have you can hang and have the year there all year long! They come in some of my favorite colors.  Be sure to get your hands on them to help you get organized!


Work with me! I am opening a few spots these coming months to make wallpapers or designs for your business.  So if you have a blog and like to offer some wallpapers or freebies, I am your girl! I also am willing to design something!

If you want to collaborate on a post you can always email me at!


We worked really hard on this, but there is a new archive that hopefully makes life easier to find and search for old wallpapers.  Here is the link to the desktop page!


There some new printables on the site too! I did this last year but I think these are so clean and you can fill them in and color them if you want! 


Just purchase this in the store and fill it out! unfortunately, I get a lot of inquiries about people wanting personal wallpapers.  I do the best that I can to provide a lot of free items but I get too many inquiries that all want items for free.  In order to make it worth Henry and I's time, you have to go to the store. Thank you for your understanding!


Let's not forget the playlist! I have updated all of the playlist and Im loving them so far.  Theres something for everyone! 


Prints! There are new an improved prints, perfect for your office, home or just reminders around the house! Again you get these sent to your inbox so you decide how you want to print them!

Cards! Another new section! I added cards so you could get them and print them off in a pinch if you wanted! I'm excited about this new section and I hope you are too!

Candidly Keri Shop!!

Happy New Year to you! I don't know about you but I sure am excited for 2017, I will be gaining a niece/nephew and a new brother-in-law! 

Im so excited and I really wanted to start Candidly Keri off with a bang! There are of course the beautiful wallpapers for January but this year I have expanded the blog to add a shop! 

The shop offers calendar printables, 3 month downloadable wallpapers and prints! Here are some examples:

I'd love if you purchase something in the shop or though about supporting Candidly Keri by donating if you have enjoyed anything in the past year! 

Support Candidly Keri

Please share your favorites, and come say Hi on Instagram or Twitter! I'd love to chat!


Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!!