Music Monday: Vol 11

More Music! Yay! Im so excited because Im going to the Blink 182 concert this summer and I'm just so excited.  They are a band on my bucket list and I can't wait to see them even if Tom isn't playing :( . This week is going to be a mix of just everything! What have been your favorites this week? 


Im just obsessed with Brand New and this sounds like a bonus song from The God and Devil are Raging Inside of me.  One of my all-time favorite albums. They just offer something so different as a band.

I stumbled across this song when I was trying to find new music and Im digging it.  Its got a little bit of a slow start for me but I like the tempo and sound a lot.  For sure need to check the band out more.

This is one of the singles I really like off the new Album.  Sounds like the old Blink to me and Im not mad about Alkaline Trio as the new lead singer.  He adds some diversity.  What do you think?

Just a super upbeat song for when you need a pick me up.  I really like Andy's new sound and this beat just makes you want to dance, I like it the more I listen to it.  Especially the chorus.

I've like Relient K for a while, and didnt realize they are from Ohio, duh.  So I was pretty pumped when I heard this song for the first time, since I resonate with it.  I'm liking their new album sounds just on point with their sound,

I wasn't sure if I liked this song at first but I like Tove Lo's sound so I wanted to give it a shot.  Once it got to the chorus it hooked me and I really like it.  If you haven't heard it yet I would say give it a chance!

I'd love to heard from you! If you like Music Monday or other post, and Im sketching out new wallpapers and I'd love to get some ideas on what you want!! XOXO