August Favorites

Can you believe that August is already done? I sure can't but I do have to say Im looking forward to everything that fall has to offer, the leaves, cooler weather and of course pumpkin.  I rounded up my favorites for the month of August and wanted to share them with you! What have been some things that you've tried out and loved?

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Iced Coffee - Funny story that Henry does not find funny.  Every time I tried to make cold brew coffee I spilled it everywhere, the coffee and the grounds. So I decided for an easier yummier option of the Starbucks cold brew coffee.  I feel like I got about 7 coffees out of this making the coffee less than a $1.  Still feels like a lot of money for me but with it being about 100 degrees some days, worth it.

favorites items this month

Roolee - I just stumbled across this online store and Im loving it. Im going to get so many things off of it.  And I love that they accept returns and refund you.  Most online stores don't allow that. 

Phone Case - My Casetify case was cracking and even though I may get a new phone soon I just needed something.  I loved that this came with an external charger and was only $25 because when I bought an external charger it was like $20.  So who knows how well it works but its super cute and I love it.

favorites for august

Digit - Digit has been a lifesaver for all the concerts we have been going to and planning a wedding.  Its been putting money aside without me even knowing. Really it studies your habits and saves here and there but it adds up quick! It sets a goal too and helps you save towards that if that's something you're interested in.

Candle - This candle is a vanilla-y man smelling candle and it fills a room without overpowering. 

IPad- Henry surprised me with an IPad for my birthday and I love it!! It's been so nice with reading, listening to music, and just messing without having to lug my computer. 

A Year Full of Recipes - Im super excited about this also!  I can't wait to try some new recipes. And I'd love to hear if you guys have any cookbooks you have been loving! 

What was something you discovered you loved in the month of August? I'd love to know! 


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