Boss Body: Update

Hi guys, I hope you’re having a good week! I wrote a post a while go about body boss and my first month with it. You can find that post here! But I was getting a lot of questions about whether after all this time I would recommend it or not!

Here’s the verdict, I love the exercises and the program but I just could not commit to it. It was such a regimented routine that I felt like if I took any days off, which lets be real I did because life, I had to go back. Also, it advertises its 24 minutes 3 times a week. Thats a bunch of bull. Its 24 active minutes, but there are rests and a warm up and cool down which is super important to complete. The exercise commitment towards the end is like a hour 5 days a week.

I found myself starting over and over again and then I got bored. I loved the idea of it the time intervals but every 4 weeks the time commitment grew and I just didn’t have an hour to give 5 days a week.

I think I may try this routine again though with a fresh start this winter when I have more time and will be indoors more. I found myself in the summer wanting to get out and now be stuck in the gym the whole time I did my exercises.

I also found I was weak in a lot of areas and could never tell if I was doing something quite right. So for the time being I hired a personal trainer just to really customize something for me and help me to learn form and things like that so the next time I tackle Body Boss I can really get after it.

I do like the program though and really think it will give you results if you are dedicated, like anything though.

I would also recommend buying the physical book if you do get it! I hope this was helpful!

KL Polish Review #2

So I have always loved following makeup YouTubers and although I have been following them a little less lately one I really liked was Kathleen Lights and she came out with a nail polish last year, its called KL Polish. I bought two colors last year called Coconut Milk and Hug n Roll.  The nail polishes I received were shattered but I was quickly sent a replacement! Something I don't blame them but the post office.  I really liked the formula, packaging, and colors so I thought I'd give it another try.  

So here are the colors I purchased; Graham, Pinky, Dreamboy and Miss Honey.

My initial thoughts: Well you know me I got all these nail polishes and put them all on one hand immediately.  And putting them all next to each other wasn't the prettiest thing I could have done. 

At least I LOVED Pinky.  I am looking for a subdued pink for my wedding and I think this may be perfect.  Dreamboy is a perfect spring/summer color and a lot different than Hug n Roll.  It changes based on what its compared to and can look more blue or more purple.  I love the versatitiy.

I wasn't so certain on Graham, I was looking for a gray and KL polish has a few, I thought this one would be perfect for my lighter skin tone.  I am currently wearing it and I love it.  It was just compared with all the other colors I wasn't certain.  Its a perfect grey without being overpowering. 

I wasn't sure about Miss Honey, it looked a lot more terracotta than I was expecting.  I think it because my skin is so pale right now that I will be stunning with more of tan.  

Here are photos I got from their website on different skin tones so you can see.

Overall: I still love the nail polish.  The packaging is great,  I will say my dream boy wand is missing a few bristles but I'm working with customer service now to get it fixed. UPDATE: They wont give me a replacement because they cant see damage to the wand even though it is missing bristles. Im bummed because its hard to use but still useable. 

The formula is great, its made without a lot of toxins which is of course awesome.  And last for a really long time without chipping and I use no base or top coat! 

I'd recommend thin layers like the website says but its very buildable.  I really like this nail polish and highly recommend it, just wish it were in stores!

So do you have your eyes on any of the colors?

This post is not sponsor, all thoughts are my own and products were purchased. 

Review on Felix Grays

So I recently gifted Henry the Felix Gray Glasses, they are glasses that filter out the blue light so that when you are on your computer or phone all day it doesn't strain your eyes as much. These glasses are made for people who have prescriptions and people who dont. This is what the glasses look like!



They are sorta pricey starting at $95 so I wanted to ask Henry what he thought of them and if he thought it was worth it.   Here's our official interview ;)

Do you notice a difference with the glasses? 

Yes! My eyes are not as tired at the end of the day, and I find I don't strain to look at screens anymore. I also feel better knowing that if I do need to look at screens all day long, that I have some type of protection on my eyes. Its an unexpected source of peace of mind.

How fast did you notice a difference, immediately? A few hours? All day?

Felix Gray review blue light glasses

I didn't notice a difference until the end of the first day I wore them. But now I can see a difference when I'm not wearing them! If I look at my computer screen for too long without them on I realize my eyes are straining, so I get up and go put them on!

Was it a big adjustment for someone who doesn't wear glasses?

Yes! I'm still getting used to having glasses on almost all day while at work. But they are much lighter than sunglasses so they aren't heavy on my face, which is nice.

Is there anything you don't like about them?

They are a little too big for my face. They tend to fall a bit down my nose when wearing them for long periods of time so I keep having to push them back up. Other then that, they are great! 

Why didn't you want magnification?

A coworker of mine had a pair and I tried them on and I just didn't like it. It is such a small difference that I couldn't really understand why to get it, plus I would imagine walking around the office with slightly magnified glasses could cause problems. Just something that I wasn't too interested in.

Would you recommend them? Do you think its worth the price?

I would absolutely recommend them! If you are someone who stares at screens all day you should for sure get blue filtering glasses. Felix Gray is a little bit on the pricier side so if you can afford them I would say go for it. I think they are worth the price since they are very well made and you can feel the high-quality material. If you are unsure about blue filter glasses, you can wear them for 30 days and return them for a full refund if you don't like them.

Will you get them for me?

Of course <3 

So what are you're thoughts? Would you ever try these? I know there are some on Amazon for like $30 but I have no idea how reliable they are!

Favorite Hair Products

I feel like as Im getting older Im trying to take much better care of my hair.  Fun fact, I have "virgin" hair as stylist like to call it.  Meaning its all natural and not dyed at all! So I wanted to share with you some of my favorite items to keep it healthy and strong. and of course most of these products are really affordable!

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for cash back and coupons! Honey is a great back up when Ebates doesn't work on the site.

A little bit about my hair, its super fine but I have a good amount of it.  Its pretty straight and gets oily easily.  Just so you know when I recommend my favorites! 

Shampoo & Conditioner - I really like the sulfate free, because I have oily hair and this way there's less build up on my hair.  This shampoo and conditioner is biodegradable, meaning it doesn't fill up landfills! These smell really good too and aren't overpowering.

Put in after a shower - Sometimes I put this in after the shower since it has so many different things it does just to help my hair overall! 

Dry Shampoo - I have a high end and low end option.  I don't like the white cast, but it is nice to see where the dry shampoo is going.  These are the two I can stand.  I don't like the scented ones and the ones for blonde just turn my hair a gross yellow

Heat Protectant - Im learning more and more how important this it.  I have been putting more heat on my hair with blow drying it in the winter and using heat protectant allows more time inbetween hair cuts.  Here is the high end and the low end

Sea Salt Spray - This is great for when I curl my hair and I dont want my hair to become one big wave. It doesn't make my hair feel gross like I was worried about and you don't need much. 

Curling Irons - I like this one for more waves.  I have found that a 1 1/4 inch curling iron is the best for getting some curls but not having my hair curly! And the wave keeps, usually my ahir falls so quickly but I've had no trouble with that wand. The nume is great for curls they work so well. Nume may seem like they have a heavy price tag but in my experience they have a lot of sales so dont worry! I also like hte wands for the beachy look.  I have trouble with the clamps and getting lines in my hair to be honest haha.

Lightening Spray - Sometimes I spray a little of this lightening spray when Im out in the sun to speed up the process.  But be careful one summer in college I went overboard and my whole head just turned VERY light, it didn't look natural so I'd use it sparingly. 

Hair Masks - I dont do hair mask too much but it my hair needs a little bit more moisture this is what I tend to use

Here are all the products Ive mentioned! 

Another thing I will say that really helps my hair is that I don't put a lot of heat on it and I think that keeps it really healthy.  And one I do notice split ends I go and get a trim to help it stay healthy! So tell me! What are some of your favorate products?

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored. The links may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows us to continue to make post like this. Thank you for the support! 

January Fitness Haul

Hopefully you all are sticking to your new years resolutions so far! The end of 2017 was crazy for us with all the traveling so I knew that as soon as January came around I would want to hit the ground running with my fitness regimen.  Of course I want to get in shape for the wedding but I also just want to feel good in my skin and healthy. So I used Digit, and set a goal of saving $500 by the end of the year to buy all my fitness needs!

REMEMBER WHEN SHOPPING: Use Ebates for cash back and coupons! Honey is a great back up when Ebates doesn't work on the site.

So today I'm sharing with you what worked and what didn't so you could check it out! PS I bought some of Tone It Up's new line so you can see the review here! 

Yoga Mat *Returned* - this mat was 3mm and even though it was cute that is way too thin for what I was looking for.  But it's good to know because now I know that Im looking for either a 5mm or 6mm mat.  This is the back up that I purchased! 

Sports Bra  - These are my favorite bras from Target, I love the style of them, they fit really well and keep everything in place.  Im not a big fan of padding in my sports bra (I dont need it) so these are perfect!

Lulu- Lemon Pants - This was one of my big splurges.  I loved the color and I knew these pants would be worth it because tehy would hold up for a long time. Although I thought the 7/8 would fit me nicely with being petite and they are far too long. To be honest the tag ripped off when I was trying them on so Im just going to keep them! 

Nikes *Returned* - I just didnt really like the color when it came in, thats all haha.

Still deciding on these Nikes -

Tone it Up Review

Guys I tried out some of the products from the Tone it Up line, and Im sad to report, I didn't like the products.  Their line is very inexpensive but it shows and I was suppose bummed out about it. 

Jump Rope *Returned* - This jump was the worst, it broke several times while I was trying to use it.  And I kept screwing the piece back on but I knew it would never fully stay so I returned it.

Dumbbells- I kept the dumbbells but you can see the seam and it seems like they may easily split.  But I liked the color and the texture of it so I thought it would be worth it.

2nd Jump Rope - This is the back up I purchased, not as pretty but it works and I guess thats all that really matters

Shoe wise I got these asics because I get shin splits very easily and I know this brand is great for support.  but I have been so hesitant because I hated the colors usually.  So when I saw these colors I grabbed them as quick as I could! They are so comfy! Originally I was thinking about getting a running shoe and another shoe for more cross training and doing weights so I am still deciding on these Nikes.  What so you think!?


I was thinking about going to althetica or Lulu Lemon for some shirts but they just seemed so overpriced and I like some of my items from Old Navy so I just looked there I loved what I saw.  I love the Long sleeves, especially with the open back for some breathing.  These Plain Tanks are super cute and I love the material they are made from.  Also they have the cutest Graphic Tank, for a reasonable price. 

More Returns

I tried out these long sleeves from Target, but they had too much of a boat neck and showed my bra straps and not in a flattering way I thought so I returned them.  I also tried tried out these sports bras but they are more like cloth material and don't give enough support I think. 

PS HAS ANYONE TRIED THE HIDRATE SPARK BOTTLE? Im VERY interested in this bottle and if it actually helps you drink more water or if it is annoying and not worth the money.  Just need a review some one help a girl out ha!

You'll never believe it but I haven't hit my $500 limit yet.  So is there something you'd recommend? I'd love to know!!

Some of the products:

DISCLAIMER: This post was not sponsored. The links may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. This helps support the blog and allows us to continue to make post like this. Thank you for the support!