My word for 2018

Hi friends, happy 2018! I asked you on Instagram if you wanted to know my word of the year and you answered! 

So last year my word was "present" and boy was that a FAIL! 

My goal was to be more present in the things I was doing and not let my anxiety take me away from the moment.  And that didn't work.  What I did do in 2017 was grow.  So I feel like my word should have really been grow. (Who knew).  Usually with growth theres a lot of discomfort and changes.  I would say that was my year in a nut shell.  I worked a lot on my relationships, anxiety and just making my everyday life different and better.  It took a lot of work and was exsaushting at times but Im so happy I did it.  I think its really setting me up for a much more successful 2018!

Here are some great things that happened in 2017.  And some not great things, because despite what Instagram tells you no one's life is perfect.


  • Getting engaged!

  • A baby nephew

  • Professional growth


  • A set back in my struggle with anxiety and depression (which Im happy to say now after a lot of work Ive come out of)

  • My childhood dog passing away

  • Disappointments in friendships

This year Im getting married and I feel like I did a lot of ground work to just enjoy this year. So this year my word is REVEL. 

Revel word of the year new years resolution

 Maybe not all the drinking and dancing but definitely a little bit of it! I just want to enjoy everything that life has in store for me and really soak up this year because this exciting time only comes around once.  I worked really hard last year and I think it's time I enjoy it a little! 

So tell me whats your word!?