New Years Resolutions

Who doesn't love a good New Years resolution? Most people? Oh.

Lets be real here for a second, most New Years resolutions don't last for more than a month unfortunately.  And if you have stuck with yours all year, you seriously deserve an award. But I was talking with my wonderful sister Kristin over Christmas and she was saying "I don't believe in new years resolutions, I believe in goals. Resolutions have a negative connotation to them and I think change can only happen in the positive."  My sister has a lot of sayings and is always firm in her conviction, so I just listened at first and didn't give a second thought.  I knew I wanted to rewrite a post about resolutions and I was thinking of mine and they all started with STOP or DON'T.  And then I thought shit my sister was right, again. 

But really, I know that she is right. In order to stop a bad habit you really should focus on starting to do something good, focusing on positive rather than negative.

So here are my resolutions:

1. Start thinking more of myself.  This goal is going to be challenging, by nature I think about other people's wants/needs before mine most of the time, leaving little time for things I like to do.  And I realized how miserable it made me as a person, allowing me to give even less to my friends and family.  So this year I want to do things I want, be more aware of the things I need to do, enjoy time with myself and speak up for myself.  I always want to make sure that I feel my time is just as valued as the others around me.  I'm hoping all this will help.

2. Have more adventures. This past year there was a lot of heart break in my life, and I became a very fearful person.  I want to have more memories and joy in my life and I think getting out there rather than curled up in my apartment will really help my state of mind.

3.  Find a workout I love.  It wouldn't be New Year's *Goals* with out something fitness related, duh.  But in all seriousness one of my struggles with working out is sticking with it.  I usually have excuses as to why I cant but mostly I'm just not in love with working out. So Im going to challenge myself to try different classes and find what works best for ME not what I think should or what other people are doing.  I want to be excited and stick with it.

4. Create more.  I love painting and reading.  I know with being an *adult* there is less time for that.  It brings me so much happiness though so I know its something I should incorporate weekly.

What are your New Years GOALS? Remember, goals not resolutions.