Wedding Registry Tips

Hey guys! So I have been working on our registry lately because our holidays are going to be nuts plus it's so fun to do! So I wanted to share with you what Im doing for my registry and what all Im looking for. Plus some tips and advice for people attending a weddings!

First off I LOVE to cook.  I got a lot of hand-me-down things from my mom, thank god, but it's time to upgrade some pots and pans as well as get some things that I haven't even purchased, like a toaster!  I feel like the registry is the perfect place to get some upgrades and spoil yourself with things you wouldn't necessarily buy. 

I'm using Zola for my registry, which Im super excited about! They are an online shop and one of the reasons I loved them is that when I first started my registry I was SO overwhelmed.  With Zola, they have guides and templates, so they literally take you through breakfast and you add what you need! With this link they will give you $50 if you sign up

Another thing I liked about them is you can sync it with other stores! The other stores I think I will add are Crate & Barrel and possibly Macy's? I'd love to know where you registered! They also will ship to you when you want, not necessarily when people order thing.  (Im obsessed with this)

TIP: It's great to get a registry in-store so that older folks can go into a store and buy you something.  I've heard about happening when you go all online and some grandparents have gotten confused.  

Zola also doesn't just offer gifts, you can get packages.  For example, I signed up for Henry and I to try out a wine club or blue apron.  A guest would gift us a month of trying that club out.  I thought that was so cool because not only do we need things but I think experiences are a cool thing to gift.

I also signed us up for some more money oriented things.  A guest can give money that is intended for room service on our honeymoon or champagne waiting for us when we arrive.  I think this is a little nicer than just writing a check since you have a sense of where your money is going. 

When selecting things for our registry I thought about what we NEED, some things we want, and adding things where we can spend time together. I love that with a registry I'm able to incorporate all of those different things. 

ADVICE: As a wedding guest, go off the couple's registry, these are things that they truly want.  While it is nice to get something monogrammed for them, you also don't know how many other people had the same idea.

Take sneak peak at my registry here! Tell me what you had to have, or what you wish you would have put on there!