14 Benefits of Working Out in the Morning

I did it, I have FINALLY that person that works out in the morning. I will have to say that it was a little hard in the beginning and I made Henry join me in this process because I thought it would be really hard to get out of bed if one of us still got to sleep.

I have found SO many benefits, and really the only downside is that I can't sleep in and sometimes Im sleepy in the afternoon.  I try to drink decaf coffee because it's not good for people with anxiety and people with high blood pressure (check and check) but I think my body is use to it now and I don't need the caffeine!

Here are the benefits I have found already!

1. It's out of the way! My nights are a lot less stressful because I don't have working out looming over my head. I found it so hard to work out at night because I'd be tired and hungry.  So I'd either work out starving or bloated.

2.  I drink more water.  Water consumption I have really been working on and when I work out early I drink a lot more water and then that encourages me to drink more through out the day (at least more than I use to).

3. It gets my metabolism going. Enough said!

4. I make better food choices.  I usually am hungry shortly after and I don't want to fill my body with junk.  I also get ready for my day shortly after and pack lunch, I can tell I'm packing healthier things because bad foods sound heavy and I don't want to undo what I just did.

5. Im not over sleeping. Henry and I go to bed really early and some days I felt like we were sleeping too much making me more tired.

6. I'm sleeping better.  I feel like I'm getting a lot more restful sleeps when working out.

7. I start my day without social media.  I'm usually too tired at first to look at social media so I just get straight to my work out.  It's SO nice to start my day without being swayed by social media.

8. I start my day positive.  Getting in a routine has with working out has been hard.  But with waking up early I just start my day right knowing I did something good and have already accomplished a lot when I usually was sleeping.

9. My mornings are less hurried.  Since I am waking up earlier by the time I'm getting ready for work I'm not moving slow, so my morning isn't rushed at the end! 

10. The gym is less crowded! 

11. Nothing is scheduled during this time.  There are no conflicts, I felt like I couldn't get into a routine when I was working out at night because I'd be going to trivia, have meetings or go out and there was no consistency.  But since I'm usually sleeping at this time nothing gets scheduled then! 

12. I don't have the chance to talk myself out of it.  I try to sit up right away and since I'm tired at first I go through the motions of getting ready and there isn't a ton of time to procrastinate.

13. It's something really nice Henry and I can do together, to motivate and encourage each other.

14. I don't have to shower twice.  I usually shower in the morning for work but sometimes when I would work out at night I would feel like I HAD to shower. This makes life a lot easier.

So tell me when/where do you work out and what works best for you! 

December Intentions

We are in the thick of Holiday season and I have to say I am loving it! Although the holiday season can be pretty crazy I also feel like its such a time to be grateful for the love of friends and family and being able to give them gifts. So here are my intentions because this time of the year can get pretty hectic and I think sometimes its easy to get caught up in all of that!

1. Make some time for myself - Whether it's exercising, watching your favorite show, or just drinking a cup of coffee make time out's for yourself.  I think its so important to not lose sight of yourself and your mental health needs.  Especially when you are visiting with family.  So this year because I get stressed easy I'm going to wake up early some mornings and just make sure Im taking time for myself to recenter.

2. Try mediation - I have heard so many great things and I just can never sit still long enough.  I think trying to learn this skill to calm myself and just focus on my thoughts is really powerful.  I want to make a huge effort to learn how to do this! [Let me know if you want a post on my experience]

3. Show my love in more than gifts - I think its important to not just buy a gift but express your love in words or time.  I think that easily gets pushed aside in this month and it's something I really want to focus on.

What are you intentions/goals for the month! I'd love to hear :)

Thankful & Grateful

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow American's! I know I have some readers that aren't in the United States but I figured this was a great time to take a moment and say thank you to all of you!

Candidly Keri would not be what it is today without all of you!  I have really pushed myself with this blog constantly trying to learn, experiment, failing and succeeding.  It has grown into something I would have never dreamed in a million years.  But Im dreaming now and I have some major plans for this little blog! 

If you have ever subscribed, downloaded, liked or commented .. THANK YOU! It means so much any encouragement I get drives me just a little bit more. 

Hopefully big things are coming! And to anyone out there that is trying to make something or has a passion, go with your gut! It will always pay off, and experiment.  Sometimes it won't go as planned but you will always learn! 

I am feeling extremely grateful this year, especially with new additions joining my family next year ... more on that later! (And no not coming from me!!)  Im grateful for my healthy, amazing family and all the friends I have made on this journey!

What are some of the things you're thankful for?

Ps. Whats your favorite food for Thanksgiving?! Mines Mashed potatoes alllll the way

Real Talk: Pressure

Hi Friends, I hope that you are having a lovely week! Recently I have been trying to be very mindful of my thoughts and my surroundings.  And I feel like I have had some revelations that I would love to share.

As I am being mindful about how I live my life trying to improve it, I have found that I have become hyper-critical. Now I feel like I'm critical anyways, due to society, being in the blogging world and trying to be a #bosslady.  Constantly striving for more. I find that I'm punishing myself even more now that I am trying to correct bad behaviors.

There are constantly articles out about how you need to change your actions to improve your life.  And you know what it's not really working for me. What I mean by that is yes of course I want to improve my mind, body, soul but I'm going about it all the wrong way.  First we should all just give ourselves a little credit for trying in the first place, that is hard, seriously. Second, I think we need to reward ourselves for all of the small stuff, and forgive ourselves for any slip ups. I'm talking about if you're trying to eat better, work out, have more positive thoughts.  These are big changes and I think we all expect them to happen overnight.

I was doing a work out video last night and the trainer was talking about how "We shouldn't listen to ourselves, we should talk to ourselves". For instance we shouldn't listen when our brain says we can't do this work out, rather tell yourself you can do this work out!  I feel like I need to use this in a lot of aspects of my life.  The negative thoughts creep in so easily. 

I think we just need to take some of a pressure off, and go a little easier on ourselves.  We are all trying the best we can every day.  I believe that change will happen it just will be slower than most would like.  So by writing this post I hope to take a load off my shoulder, telling you and myself that putting more pressure on ourselves doesn't yield faster or better results. And even if it does we won't enjoy the process of getting to the finish line.

I hope you're having a great day and this helped to make you feel not so alone! Do you have any tips for taking the pressure off?