Wedding Dress Experience

Hi, Friends if you are new to the site or don't follow me on Instagram you may not know that I am currently wedding planning and getting married November 2018! I wanted to share my story with you about getting my wedding dress and some advice I think I have to share because the process wasn't easy by any means to me but it was worth it I will say that! 

To give a little bit of background, my family is scattered throughout the country and its just Henry and me in Cincinnati (which has a very well known bridal district).  So in order to have my mom with me, my sisters and some bridesmaids while I go dress shopping I had to plan far in advance so that plane tickets could be purchased.  My mom and I picked two weekends in January just in case I didn't find something the first so that way we could keep shopping.  

Also, I've heard of 3 friends now that have purchased dresses and then a few months later changed their mind, so I thought even if I did find MY dress the first weekend I still wanted time to think about it. 

My mom made SEVEN appointments the first weekend since we were short on time.  It was A LOT but its sort of the cards we were dealt with, and I didn't find the dress in all those shops.  I did however very much narrow down what I was looking for there just wasn't a lot of it. 

I was extremely discouraged, I felt like I kept saying I liked things I didn't to make everyone happy, I had rude sales ladies that made comments, ultimately making me tear up at one point.  Guys, dress shopping is exhausting.  I felt so discouraged and so I went to Instagram to share my story.  I was met with great response and a follower gave me the advice to take my time, maybe even go by myself so I didn't have outside pressure. She told me she didn't cry when she tried on her dress but she didn't want to take it off. 

I felt so much better, and there was one dress I had in mind I wanted to try on that I didn't and because my mom was coming back, I tried it on without her.  Because if I didn't like that one we were going to head to a different city.  I took a good friend with me, one that would be honest, but listen and respect my opinion.  And I feel so lucky that I tried it on and loved it!  It was different than what I went in thinking I wanted, but yet very me.  I looked at myself and heard the words "I don't want to take this off" and I teared up.  Seriously if I hadn't gotten this advice from Rosemary, I may have never found my dress because I felt confident in my choice.  Even though dress shopping wasn't how I imagined, my mom and sisters weren't there, it was really the only dress I wanted to try on but her words made me feel so relieved. 

The second weekend my mom came out, unfortunately, the others couldn't join but I got my mom's approval and some happy tears. The weekends weren't what I expected AT ALL, I think Say Yes to the Dress tricks us.  You think you are supposed to have 10 people go with you fall in love with the first dress because it is just perfect and cry immediately.  That's not everyone story and that's okay, as long as you look at the dress, feel beautiful and don't want to take it off,  I think you're golden! 

So here are some of my words of wisdom:

1. Go in with an Idea - I think this helps to narrow things down and not be too overwhelming.  With that said try on different shapes, sometimes you never know whats going to look amazing on you!

2. Stop trying on a dress you don't like - The sales people just wanted to put me on anything, even if I said I didn't like.  They just wanted to make a sale and I feel like I left frustrated and wasted time.

3. Pick the right people to come - I brought my mom, her friend, and one of my friends.  They got my vision, and knew me and what not only fit me best in my body but in personality.  And they were happy for me when I was happy.

4. There's a lot of emotion that surrounds your dress - I didn't get how much emotion, good and bad, would be surrounding this weekend, its okay to take breaks and think about things. Don't let people push you into something either.

5. Take your time - Like I said a lot of people I know picked a second dress, so even if you find the one there's no harm in waiting a few days before making the decision.

6. HAVE FUN! This is supposed to one of the most magical times ever, don't let anyone get you down and have hope you will find the one.  When in doubt always accept the free champagne! 

I hope this helps you and you keep this in mind when it's your special day!