Book Review: After I Do

Hi Friends, I recently was on vacation in Florida visiting my parents.  And I don't know about you but one of the things I find most relaxing in life is reading a book.  I am the type of person who gets completely engulfed in book.  On my bucket list for 25 before 25 one thing on my list is to read 25 books in 18 months.  I read three on vacation.  But I REALLY enjoyed the book "After I Do: A Novel" by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

The book is about a married couple who is at a standstill in their relationship unsure of how to go forward.  They know they love each other but they can no longer stand each other.  They decided to take a year off from each other with no contact.  The story follows Lauren and her quest to figure out what marriage and relationships are about.

I honestly felt like I learned a lot of life lessons, about how not to take your significant other for granted and how communication is so key.  Along with honesty, even if it may hurt their feelings, honesty coming from a good place is better than resentment at the end of the day,

review of the book after I do book club reading

It was a page turner for me, and although it was an easy read it really struck cords with me.  From the family dynamic to self love.  I'd highly recommend this book!  Are there any books you currently cant put down?