Music Monday: Vol 1

So I'd like to think that I was a DJ in a past life.  JK but I love music, it can change your day, make or break a party or can say the words you've been searching for.  When I was growing up I had the dream of being a music journalist, which I put to the side since I wasn't very good at writing (here I am with a blog).  And there is no better time than the present.  I wanted to start a series to share my love of music, whether its what I can't get out of my head, new music, or songs I think are underrated. I love my playlist here on the site but I wanted to do something more weekly.  Again I am super into indie pop, alternative, crowd pleasers and sprinkle a little rap in there, sorry you country lovers this post probably isn't for you. I hope you enjoy and hope this can be a place where we share our love of music!

New Releases:

Ah Fitz and The Tantrums have done it again, I am really digging their new sound and love this song.  It just came out this past week and its one too look out for.

This is exactly what I would expect from the Lumineers and that makes me happy since I loved their style.  The piano in this song is perfect touch!

So I tried not to like Zayn but I just can't help it.  His album is super catchy and I would for sure check it out!

Underrated Music: 

You wouldn't expect a dance song from Death Cab, but thats what this song is to me.  The beat is catchy and in true Death Cab for Cutie fashion the lyrics are even better!

I think this song is underrated in the music world and needs some more attention, so lets give it that.  This is the type of song I find myself humming throughout the day.

Oh Wonder is one of my favorite new bands.  There stuff is magical, thats the best word I have.  Its so soothing and yet I find myself listening to it at all times of the day. Lose It has an awesome music video and Drive is one of my favorite songs.

No need for a category:

Birdy is an amazing songwriter, although she is usually acoustic, I just loved this upbeat remix. Especially with the lyrics and message.

The Starting Line has always been one of my favorites and after a like 7 year hiatus they are back and they are everything I could hop for and more!

I have compiled the playlist, with a few most sprinkled in on the playlist page. Like this post if you like this content, I hope there is a little something for everyone!  What's some of your favorites right now?