FAQ about Candidly Keri

Hey guys! Thank you again to all the people that entered the giveaway in the beginning of August! I saw from the store there were a few questions and Im here to give you answers! If you have more questions you can leave a comment on here or contact me and I would be more than happy to answer them! 

First off, I have a store

If you didn't know I have a store! This where you can purchase some exclusive wallpaper content especially 3-month wallpapers.  I also have up prints! 

I am open to collaborations!

Whether this means you want me to write about content, make special wallpapers, designs or logos for your company or personal use I'd love to! Thats where the collaboration page comes in! Just fill out this form and I'd be happy to get started with you and talk about pricing! 

Where can I print items from your store?

If you are doing something small, you can print it right off on your home computer.  I am trying to make it convenient for you! But Candidly Keri isn't big enough (nor is my apartment) to store physical products (yet!).  If you'd like something larger you can print them off at your local Fedex, Kinkos or somewhere that does printing for pretty inexpensive. 

What if I want to change a wallpaper?

Feel free to fill out this page on the store.  Currently, I make a lot of wallpapers free of charge and I get asked for a lot of tweaks without getting paid.  My time and creative resources are valuable and $5 if the going rate for a coffee so I feel like it's fair, what do you think?

I want my own wallpaper, where can I go?

You can fill out the same thing through the store, it is super helpful if you attach some of my old work to give me guidance! 

I hope this answered some of your questions and helped out a little! 

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