Bark Box Review

Hi Guys! I hope you're having a great week so far! I wanted to give you a review of Bark Box because I recently purchased it for my dog (she lives in Florida with my parents).  I have a coupon for a free box for you to try out if you want to! You can also get money off with Ebates! Its such a steal.

If you follow my Instagram at all you may know she had to get surgery last week because we found a tumor on her tail that covered 40% of her tail.  The vet said that there was no way to just remove the tumor and her whole tail would have to be amputated.  I felt desperate from so far away, so I thought bark box would be the perfect thing for her when she came home for recovery!

Update: She had a few other lumps and bumps removed and NONE of them were cancerous!! I am so grateful, I have no words!

The bark box has been such a blessing for her though and has made her so happy in her recovery! You can select the size of your dog and the type of plan you want.  I did monthly but you can cancel at any point! Also all the treats are natural. 

Here's what she received! It was a Halloween themed box by the way!

  • A Pumpkin Toy she can whip around
  • A squeaky book of spells toy
  • A squeaky squirrel grave toy
  • Green Bark Gummies
  • Chicken Treats 
  • A Stick called Buffy Chew
  • A sign saying you give out dog treats for halloween

Here is the coupon again for a free box, and I know that they also have another deal that your first box is $5.  There are so many deals and its an easy way to get your treats and toys for the month pretty inexpensively! I'm thankful my mom facetimed during her unboxing and that she is doing okay!

Heres some photos of Maddie, my 12 year old Golden!