Interview Outfits on a Budget

Hey guys! Hope you're having a great Thursday.  SO I am by no means a fashion guru, (although I am trying to up my game) but one thing I do know about is getting interview outfits on a budget.  But have no fear, I have learned a few things along the way that will hopefully help!

When I was interviewing, I was lucky enough to go to a few company's that were a lot more casual. That being said though, always go into an interview a little more dressed up than you think you should be!  You can always adjust if you make it through more rounds and go back. It can be difficult though because some agencies are old school and dress very nice where others are in sweats.  PSA: NEVER interview in your sweats, unless it's a phone interview then definitely wear sweats.

One thing I did find a little helpful, is stalking social media sites.  May seem weird but sometimes they have company outing pictures and it can give you a sense of the atmosphere. 

I also really really love dresses for interviews.  You can dress it up or down easily by wearing flats or heels, adding a blazer or jewelry. I believe the key is to have 3-5 solid outfits.  You don't need too many because you'll usually go to a company three times, and they won't know if you wore the same outfit somewhere else. What I have that I've gotten the most wear out of is: a good neutral flat/black heels, two dresses, a few shirts, a blazer, dress pants and a full suit.  I really believe if you can save up or ask for a nice well fitted suit as a present it will pay for it's self time and time again.  You can use the blazer to dress up any outfit, or use the pencil skirt/pants to mix and match with multiple shirts.  It's also just a really great idea to have a suit on hand at all times. 

I honestly found a lot of nice shirts & dresses from places like Forever 21 and H&M.  As long as they fit you well and are made of nice looking material, no one will know you spent under $20 on it.  I also found blazers there!  One of the most important things you can do is make sure you have clothes that fit well and are of course ironed.  We all know that first impressions are important.  The price tag of the clothes don't matter as long as the effort is there.

Whatever type of clothes you buy and whatever price tag that comes with it, make sure you are purchasing items that not only you like, but that you feel confident in.  I know whenever I went into an interview, and I had a new dress on that I really liked, it would always put me in the mind set "Yeah, I got this". That emanates and everyone can tell, putting the interview in a really good mood.

What is your advice for interviews?  Let me know if you want to see any of my outfits I have worn!